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            Polo Sugar Free Mint 33.3g
            £15.35 inc. VAT
            Uncle Joe's Sugar Free Mint Balls 2kg
            £24.35 inc. VAT

            Sugar-Free Sweets

            Sugar-free sweets are nothing new, but they remain hugely popular. They tend to have fewer calories and obviously no sugar! That’s why sugar-free sweets are popular with diabetics and dieters. Sugar-free sweets are also much better for your teeth! You can get sugar-free boiled sweets, sugar-free jelly sweets and even sugar-free drinks, too. Cutting out sugar doesn’t mean you’ve got to cut out sweets! Jump into our wide range and pick out your sugar-free favourites.

            Best Sugar-Free Sweets

            There are so many sugar-free sweets that there’s bound to be something for everyone. Sugar-free boiled sweets are always popular, whilst there are sugar-free toffees and mints to choose from, too. Many sweetshop favourites are available without sugar, as you’ll discover sugar-free chocolate eclairs, lollipops and even Werther’s Originals! Other kinds of treats such as drinks and chewing gum often have sugar-free versions, too. So if you want to stay sugar-free on the go, you can. It is common to find that medicated sweets are made without sugar as well. Which makes sense!

            Diabetic Sweets

            Sugar-free sweets are ideal for diabetics. They allow them to moderate sugar intake but still enjoy a sweet treat! When you’ve got to be careful with your sugar intake, sugar-free candy makes it easy for you. No reading packaging and doing maths, because you know there is no sugar!

            Low-Calorie Sweets

            Another plus point to sugar-free sweets is that they tend to be lower in calories. By how much will vary from sweet to sweet, though. But overall, if you are dieting and trying to cut back on calories then sugar-free sweets will help with that. Not if you eat more of them though! They are only sugar-free, not calorie-free!

            Sugar-Free Boiled Sweets

            Classic boiled sweets are king in the world of sugar-free. There are many favourites from yesteryear that have ditched sugar. Bonds have a delicious range of premium sugar-free candies. It includes sherbet lelemons andola cubes among many other sweetshop favourites. The creamy goodness of Werther’s Originals comes in sugar-free versions. And Ricola’s range of sugar-free herbal candies do, as well! Royale has a selection of boiled candy that includes rhubarb and custards, blackcurrant and liquorice and strawberries and cream flavours. They also do chocolate limes!

            Sugar-Free Mints

            There are so many kinds of mints. And so many of them are available in sugar-free form. Long-time favourites have sugar-free twins like butter mintoes, humbugs and spearmint chews among many, many others. And these versions from Bonds come in wicked sweetshop-style jars! Uncle Joe’s SuSugar-Freeint Balls are as traditional as it gets. They’re still made the same way they were back in 1898! Polos are a favourite that has offered sugar-free freshness for a long time!

            Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

            This might be one of the most popular sugar-free options! Some people chew gum all the time, so it makes sense to cut the sugar from it! Perhaps that’s why your favourite chewing gums have been given the sugar-free treatment. You’ll find Airwaves and Extra Ice whilst there’s also the Starburst Mixies Sugar-Free Chewing Gum. It doesn’t matter if you’re team minty or team fruity, you’ve got a choice at Wholesale Sweets!

            What’s Used Instead?

            Sweeteners are common replacements for sugar. Although there are some sugar-free sweets that don’t replace it! When sweeteners are used, there is only a tiny amount. This is because they’re much, much sweeter than sugar. They aren’t all digestible either, which is why they’re often lower in calories. Whether sugar-free sweets have fewer calories or not, it is important to read the packaging. If you have too much, the sweeteners can have an unwanted effect on your body.

            Better for Teeth

            It won’t come as a surprise, but sugar-free is better for your teeth! If you regularly chew gum, switching to sugar-free gum will make a big difference! And the same goes for sweets. Satisfying your sweet craving with something like a Kinsgway Sugar-Free Lollipop or Sugar-Free Teddy Bears will be much better for your teeth!

            Any Questions?

            At Wholesale Sweets, we want to live in a world where every sweet is met with a smile. Being clear on dietary requirements is a good way to achieve this! That’s why our website gives you the option to filter pages by dietary requirements and lifestyle. Each product page will have information on who it is suitable for. For sugar-free sweets, look out for the pink sugar-free!

            Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about sugar-free sweets. But if for whatever reason you have any queries at all, reach out to the Wholesale Sweets team and we will be more than happy to help!