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            Giant Toblerone Bar 4.5kg
            £67.31 inc. VAT
            Toblerone Orange Twist - 1 x 360g
            £6.89 inc. VAT
            Toblerone Milk Chocolate - 1 x 360g Bar
            £5.99 inc. VAT
            Toblerone Truffles -  1 x 180g Box
            £5.69 inc. VAT

            What is the Toblerone Chocolate Made From?

            There is no denying that Toblerone is a unique chocolate experience. The peaked bars are shaped like no other chocolate and will always catch the eye – but they taste totally distinctive, too! Invented way, way back in 1908, the original recipe combines a set of simple ingredients that perfectly complement each other.

            The blend of the finest Swiss milk chocolate, almonds, nougat and honey is what gives Toblerone it’s signature flavour. Due to the crunch of the almonds and the smoothness of the honey, Toblerone does contain nuts and is not on the table for vegan chocoholics – however it is vegetarian!

            Big Toblerone Bars

            One of the things that Toblerone fans love so much about the premium Swiss chocolate is that they get plenty of what they love. The Toblerone 360g Bars offer a deliciously sized piece of the Alpine chocolate delight! With a selection of different Toblerone flavours, you can treat yourself and enjoy a great value, satisfying portion of your favourite bar.

            Toblerone Flavours

            The Toblerone range includes several flavours, but each variation still has that signature taste! That’s because it’s only the type of chocolate that changes. Every delicious flavour variation is still made using honey and almond nougat for that iconic taste. Here at Wholesale Sweets, you’ll find the most delicious Toblerone flavours – no matter which is your favourite! Alongside the milk chocolate classic, there are also White and Dark Chocolate Toblerone bars, plus other flavours with added extras. For fans who love the crunch of the almonds, the Toblerone Crunchy Almonds Bar is the peak of the range. The Toblerone Fruit & Nut keeps raisin' the bar, adding a fruity kick to the iconic range of Swiss chocolate.

            Toblerone Gifts

            When choosing a sweet gift for someone, you want it to have a certain level of luxury. So, for a chocolate fan, Toblerone makes a superb gift. The Selection Giftbox offers the chance to enjoy four different flavours of mini Toblerones! With bitesize milk, dark, white and almond chocolates, this is not only ideal for gifting, but for sharing with friends and family!

            However, if you want to give the maximum amount of Swiss luxury chocolate, look no further than the Toblerone Milk Chocolate Jumbo Bar. This giant Toblerone weighs in at a whopping 4.5kg and is by far and away the biggest Toblerone on sale! Even the greatest Toblerone fan might end up sharing this one! For a somewhat more modest option, you can’t beat the Toblerone Milk Chocolate Large Bar 750g is an equally delicious present.

            Wholesale Toblerone Chocolate

            As with any of your favourite bulk sweets or chocolate, buying your favourite Toblerone chocolate wholesale is the best way to enjoy great value. Here at Wholesale Sweets, we make sure that you can enjoy the best of the wholesale shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about our bulk Toblerone range – or anything else – reach out to our team and we’ll happily help you!