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            Sweetzone Mega Stix - 1 x 1kg Bag
            £5.29 inc. VAT
            Barratt Wham Extreme - 40 x 36g Packs
            £21.59 inc. VAT
            Swizzels Curious Chews - 12 x 135g Bags
            £12.49 inc. VAT
            Bonds Mint Imperials - 12 x 105g Bags
            £13.69 inc. VAT
            Haribo Giant Strawbs - 1 x 825g Tub
            £4.79 inc. VAT
            Paw Patrol Candy Containers - 12 x 5g Containers
            £9.19 inc. VAT

            Vegetarian Sweets

            Not all sweets are vegetarian. And that might seem strange. But animal products appear a lot in sweets. Nowadays there are lots of alternatives, so making vegetarian sweets isn’t a problem! Here at Wholesale Sweets, we have a delicious selection, so finding your veggie favourites is easy!

            What sweets are vegetarian?

            There are so many vegetarian sweets. From chocolate to pick n mix, there are all types on offer. It used to be difficult to find veggie jelly beans. But manufacturers found alternatives. As proven by these Haribo Jelly Beans. The same goes for marshmallows. And for loads of other sweets. That’s why there are now vegetarian versions! Vegan choices keep growing, too. And these are also suitable for vegetarians. It has never been easier for a vegetarian with a sweet tooth!

            Vegetarian sweets at Wholesale Sweets

            At Wholesale Sweets, our selection of vegetarian sweets is massive. It includes sweets that have always been vegetarian, and ones that have been adapted. This ranges from Barratt"s Hard Liquorice to Haribo Jelly Beans, Swizzels Fruity Pops and many chocolates. The list goes on. And then on a bit more. Whether you want to put on a candy buffet suitable for vegetarians or just want to stock up on veggie sweets at home, Wholesale Sweets will be able to help!

            Vegetarian Pick & Mix

            With so many gummy sweets, a pick n mix could be tricky for vegetarians. But with sweet makers now using alternative ingredients you don’t have to compromise! Our vegetarian pick n mix choices include some classics. Sweets like Kingsway White Chocolate Mice, Haribo Giant Strawbs and Sweetzone Rainbow Belts. As you can see, there’s plenty of great vegetarian-friendly pick n mix at Wholesale Sweets!

            Vegetarian Jelly Sweets

            Many jelly sweets aren’t vegetarian. But loads of them are! Jelly Tots have always been vegetarian-friendly. There are dozens of other choices, too! These include Kingsway Fizzy Cola Bottles and even Tongue Painting Fizzy Dummies. Vegetarians have more choice of jelly sweets than ever before.

            Vegetarian Bonbons

            Bonbons are a sweetshop classic. They aren’t always vegetarian, though. But there are loads that are veggie-friendly. Kingsway make a whole range of vegetarian bonbons, with flavours including blue raspberry, strawberry and toffee to pick out just a few!

            Vegetarian Chocolate

            Lots of chocolate is suitable for vegetarians. It isn’t always vegan, though. That’s because many types use milk. But most chocolate you’ll find is suitable for vegetarians. This is great news for sweet-toothed vegetarians. But you will still want to double-check just to make sure! Check out our amazing selection of vegetarian chocolates!

            Vegetarian favourites

            The choice of vegetarian keeps growing. Some companies are even stopping using animal products. Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles are suitable for vegetarians. You can also get them in a Strawberry and Blackcurrant mix! We can’t talk about favourites without mentioning Quality Street, can we?! A lot of them are vegetarian. The same goes for lots of Nestle sweets. KitKats, Maltesers andAerosare all suitable. Barratt’s Sherbet Dip Dab, Fruit Salad Chews and Black Jack Chews all get the green light, too. You’ll find plenty of vegetarian classics here at Wholesale Sweets!

            Any Questions?

            At Wholesale Sweets, we want to live in a world where every sweet is met with a smile. Being clear on dietary requirements is a good way to achieve this! That’s why our website gives you the option to filter pages by dietary requirements and lifestyle. Each product page will have information on who it is suitable for. For vegetarian sweets, look out for the green vegetarian badge!

            Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about vegetarian sweets. But if for whatever reason you have any queries at all, reach out to the Wholesale Sweets team and we will be more than happy to help!