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            Vidal Apple Belts Tub
            £8.39 inc. VAT
            Giant Crocs - 1 x 1.02kg Tub
            £4.67 inc. VAT
            Haribo Rhubarb & Custard - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £16.19 inc. VAT
            Vidal Jelly Filled Strawberries Tub
            £4.79 inc. VAT
            Vidal Giant Apple Cables 6kg

            Vidal Giant Apple Cables 6kg

            1 x 6kg box (80 cables)
            £28.19 inc. VAT
            Sweetzone Mini Frogs - 1 x 1kg Bag
            £4.55 inc. VAT
            Barnetts Mega Sour Apple - 1 x 3kg Jar
            £25.19 inc. VAT

            Sweets for a Green Theme

            At Wholesale Sweets, we have a huge range of the best bulk sweets available. Within that, you’ll also discover a brilliant array of green sweets of all different types, which comes in handy if you’re planning an event and the colour green ties into the theme! Here you’ll find plenty of green sweets, as well as sweets in green packets, so you can offer the best sweets

            Whether you’re planning a kids birthday party, a family gathering or a get together of any kind, within our range of green sweets you’ll be able to find what you need to suit the occasion! If you’re bucking the trend there are even green sweets that would be perfect for wedding favours!

            With various animal-shaped jellies, you can easily have a jungle themed sweet table with the likes of frogs, snakes, turtles and crocodiles all available in bulk. With numerous sweet tubs on offer, you can easily put together a mix that will put smiles on faces – and save you money!

            Green Boiled Sweets

            The form of many classic pick n mix sweets, hard-boiled sweets always bring back memories of retro sweet shops. At Wholesale Sweets, we love boiled sweets and understand exactly why they are still so popular after all this time! We stock a brilliant range of sweets – and chocolates – that are not only delicious, but very, very green.

            Rosey Apples are a sweetshop classic. The mere mention of them brings back memories of jars lined up behind the counter. The delightfully fruity numbers from Royale are as good as they ever have been. Their Chocolate Limes are another sweetshop classic that will always hit the spot, just like the Chocolate Creams from Buchanan’s.

            Lollipops are one of the most popular types of hard candies that appeal to sweet tooths of all ages. Whether you add them to a sweet table or pop them into a party bag, any of the green Chupa Chups lollipops are sure to go down a treat. The same goes for the options numerous flavours from Dobson’s – which include Watermelon, Apple and Tropical Fruit.

            The Bonds Watermelon Candy Cane Fountain is a lovely arrangement of striped green and white sweets – plus they’re a refreshing treat!

            Green Chocolate

            Within our range, you’ll also find plenty of green chocolate options. Foil-wrapped chocolate comes in a whole range of different colours and is a brilliant way to get some chocolate options that fit with your theme! Kinnerton’s Green Foiled Chocolate Balls are a versatile option that is well suited to a whole host of occasions. The Lindt Lindor Mint Chocolate Truffles are a suitably indulgent option that is well suited to a wedding or a green gift hamper!

            Green Laces Sweets

            Any fan of laces will tell you that there’s something magical about the longer styled sweets. Whether they’re thicker, like cables, or flatter like belts, they still share the same spark that is exciting!

            Sweetzone’s tubs of Apple Pencils are a deliciously chewy option with a scrumptious fondant centre! For those who want even more, Vidal’s range of Mega Cables takes the experience to a whole new level!

            You’ll also find some fantastically fizzy fun with the Vidal Apple Belts. These thin and flat strips of gummy goodness are apple-flavoured and coated in a fizzy sugar to really tickle the taste buds!

            Sour Green Sweets

            Legend has it that you are only ever a stone’s throw away from a fan of sour sweets. And if you’re looking for some to fit in with your green theme, then it’s safe to say that there are plenty of green sour sweets here at Wholesale Sweets.

            Fruity and fizzy is a winning combination, and there are plenty of green sweets to choose from that are both! From jellies like the Kingsway Fizzy Twin Cherries to hard-boiled classics like the jars of Barnetts Mega Sour Apples, we have a wide range of sour green sweets to choose from!

            Green Haribo Sweets

            If you’re planning a party and put Haribo out, you can rest assured that they’re going to go down well! Whether you opt for a retro option or a juicy jelly pick, they are a brand you can trust.

            The Haribo Rhubarb & Custard are a classic green sweet that has lots of fans of all ages. Granted, they’re yellow, pink and green sweets, but that means they’ll add even more to your theme! If you’re putting on a sweet table, then the easiest option is the Haribo tub of Rhubarb & Custards – you simply put it down it’s ready! But, if you require even more, or you’re using them in a custom-made pick n mix or some other gift, then we also have a bulk 3kg bulk bag.

            For fans of gummy Haribo sweets, the Terrific Turtles are an ideal choice. They’re great for a beach or nature theme, but they’re so delicious you’ll have no complaints if you simply include them as another green option. Just like the Rhubarb & Custards, the Terrific Turtles also come in the same two wholesale options.

            Green Millions Sweets

            They’re popular sweetshop treats whatever the weather, and within our wholesale range of Millions sweets, there are plenty of options that fit perfectly with a green theme. Both Apple and Watermelon flavours are available, with multipacks, bulk jars and wholesale bags on offer, we have the ideal Millions choices whatever you are planning!

            Green Sweetzone Sweets Tubs

            One of the most popular brands for sweet tubs, it’s no surprise that Sweetzone has several green options within their range of tubs. With pick n mix favourites such as Yellow Bellies, Apple Pencils and Mini Frogs, you’ll be able to offer top-quality halal sweets that are party perfect. There are also bags of green sweets on the table, with Mini Frogs and Apple & Custard Hearts to suit your situation.

            Green Kingsway Sweets

            Kingsway have been making brilliant pick n mix sweets since the 1960s, and their range includes plenty of glorious green sweets. With sour gummies, marshmallow treats and classics that have been around for decades, there’s a good chance that Kingsway make the green bulk sweets that are perfect for your green theme.

            In their contingent of retro favourites, Kingsway has Rosey Apples, Chocolate Limes and Sour Apple Cubes that will add to the atmosphere of an old-school sweet shop.

            For fans of jelly sweets, there are plenty of delicious options from Kingsway, with something that will apply to anyone. If you like a sour treat, then you’re spoilt for choice! There are two watermelon options, with the Watermelon Fizzy Dummies and Mini Watermelon Slices. Other fruity options include Fizzy Sour Apples and Fizzy Twin Cherries are brilliant to sink your teeth into.

            Green Sweet Flavours

            It would be easy to think that if you’re looking for only green sweets, you’ll only be able to find one or two different flavours. But that is not the case. Within our tasty selection of green sweets, you’ll actually be able to find quite the variety of flavours. Apple and mint may be the obvious flavours that you’d associate with the colour green, but with the exciting treats on offer, you can also find bubblegum, chocolate and toffee flavours. There are plenty of fruity options too, with mango, tropical and several berry flavours on offer.

            Any Questions?

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, you'll find all of the green sweets you could ever want - available in bulk and at great value prices! We work hard to deliver the best of the wholesale shopping experience, right to your door. With all kinds of sweets, chocolates and even American candy, you'll find all the choices you need to make your dream sweets collection. If you have any questions about any of our products or services, simply reach out to our team who will happily help you out!