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            Crazy Candy Factory Rainbow Swirl Lollipops 55g
            £17.27 inc. VAT
            Giant Cola Bottles - 1 x 1.02kg Tub
            £4.67 inc. VAT
            Giant Crocs - 1 x 1.02kg Tub
            £4.67 inc. VAT
            Twin Cherries - 1 x 1.08kg Tub
            £4.67 inc. VAT
            Gummy Hearts - 1 x 1.02kg Tub
            £4.67 inc. VAT

            Wholesale Crazy Candy Factory Sweets

            Crazy Candy Factory creates some of the most stunning and exciting sweets out there – especially for younger sweets fans! Available in bulk, their delicious range is ideal for stocking up whatever the occasion. Whether you’re filling party bags, putting on a sweet table or filling up your home treat cupboard, there’s something in the Crazy Candy Factory wholesale range that is right for everyone!

            Crazy Candy Factory Fruit Pops

            With their mouth-watering flavours, these liquid candies are one of the most popular treats in the Crazy Candy Factory range. Every bulk tub contains a mix of fruit, cola and bubblegum pops, which are just as delicious frozen for a cooling snack for sweet lovers of all ages. Fruit Pops are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians and each bulk drum is perfect if you’re hosting a child’s birthday party or even a family gathering.

            Crazy Candy Factory Sherbet Tubs

            Filled to the brim with the fizziest fruity sherbet, the Crazy Candy Factory Sherbet Tubs are sure to tickle your tastebuds. There are four different flavour tubs available – apple, blackcurrant, cherry and cola – so there will be a tub for everyone! With 200 tubs in each bulk drum, these wholesale sweets offer plenty for stocking up the home sweet collection or any event.

            You’ll also find some other fun and fizzy Crazy Candy Factory sweets. The bulk drum of Sherbet Fruits is a fine example and is the perfect novelty choice for a birthday party. Each fruit-shaped tub is full of fruity sherbet, including strawberry, pineapple, banana, grape, lime and orange!

            For fizzy pick n mix fans, we have bulk tubs of loads of popular sweets! From Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles to Cola Bottles, Mini Worms and many more, there’s something a tub for everyone.

            Crazy Candy Factory Lollipops

            Everybody loves lollipops, don’t they? It doesn’t matter how old you are, a juicy lolly is one of life’s simplest pleasures! There are some fantastic Crazy Candy Factory Lollipops here at Wholesale Sweets, with retro and novelty options galore.

            The Flashing Bling Lollipops are fun, fruity and great for younger sweets fans! These wearable lollipops come in grape, lemon and strawberry flavours, and are a shining addition to any party bag. Another lovely novelty option, the Unicorn Light Pop is a magical treat for anybody! With their adorable light-up unicorn heads, these will keep kids entertained as well as satisfying their sweet tooth.

            Bringing a lick of nostalgia into proceedings, the Rainbow Twist Lollipops and the Rainbow Rock Dummies will remind many of us of trips to the funfair, or even the seaside! With their bright colours and sweet fruity flavours, these hard lollies are sure to hit the spot.

            Halal Crazy Candy Factory Sweets

            It’s no longer as difficult to find sweets that are suitable for specific dietary requirements. The range of halal Crazy Candy Factory sweets is a fine example of this! A huge range of their tasty pick n mix tubs are halal-friendly, meaning more people can enjoy their delicious gummy sweets! From Sweetshop Jelly Lips to Twin Cherries, Mini Dolphins and Giant Fried Eggs among so many others, you can put on a halal-friendly tuck shop experience with ease!

            It doesn’t matter what you plan to do with them – if you’re looking for characterful and tasty sweets, then you’ll appreciate the Crazy Candy Factory arsenal. Just like all of our bulk sweets, you get brilliant wholesale value – and we ship them straight to your door. Meaning that you can enjoy the best of the wholesale experience from the comfort of your home! If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to reach out to our team, who will gladly help you out.