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            Swizzels Curious Chews - 12 x 135g Bags
            £12.49 inc. VAT
            Swizzels Scrumptious Sweets - 12 x 134g Bags
            £12.49 inc. VAT
            Crazy Candy Factory Rainbow Swirl Lollipops 55g
            £17.27 inc. VAT

            Vegan Sweets and Chocolate

            Vegan sweets prove you don’t need any animal bi-products to make delicious candies. As with all vegan food, they only use plant-based ingredients. Some people may question the standard of vegan food, but vegan sweets and chocolates are incredible! Plenty of favourites new and old are vegan-friendly, some of which you would never have known! Dive deep into our vegan range and satisfy that sweet craving!

            What sweets are vegan?

            So many sweets out there are vegan. You’ll find everything from gummies to hard candies and even chocolates! Nowadays not only is it easy to make vegan sweets, but it is popular too! As you can see, our wide range of vegan sweets has something for everyone. Some sweets are made to be vegan, and some are accidentally vegan, you could say!

            Vegan Sweets at Wholesale Sweets

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, we’re pleased to give you a huge range of wholesale, vegan sweets! Delve into our catalogue and you’ll find pick n mix classics, sweetshop favourites and even chocolates that are all totally plant-based. So as per, we offer wholesale value and choice – even if you’re shopping vegan!

            Vegan Pick n Mix

            The pick n mix ranks are bursting with vegan options! Mainstays like Kingsway Fizzy Cola Bottles and Fizzy Twin Cherries are totally vegan-friendly. Flying Saucers are entirely plant-based, as are BUBS Mini Sour Foam Skulls. Once upon a time, it would be difficult to make a vegan pick n mix, but not anymore!

            Vegan Chocolates

            Chocolate is naturally a vegan product! Can you believe it?! If the cacao content is over 50%, then it is often vegan-friendly. These darker chocolates use cocoa butter. And that is vegan! The natural butter comes from the cocoa plant. This means it is completely plant-based.

            Obviously, dairy products are normally used in making milk chocolate. However many brands use alternatives instead. And the results are delicious! Moo Free are a brand that stands out. They use organic cocoa beans to make their vegan chocolate. Their packaging is sustainable, too. Their range includes caramel and orange-flavoured bars, alongside the original. Another brilliant range of vegan chocolate comes from Dirty Cow. Their fun flavours include Hail Mary Berry, Pistachi Yo! and the award-winning Salty Susan, to name but a few!

            Vegan Gifting

            It can be hard to find vegan gifts at times. But we stock plenty of options that mean you’ll always be able to give to those important people. There are plenty of vegan-friendly chocolates that are perfect for the gift for any chocoholics. Booja-Booja’s Signature Collection Truffles are a luxurious gift for anyone. Whilst Mrs Tilly’s Original Vegan Fudge Gift Box is a lovely present for any sweet-toothed vegan. Or anyone with a sweet tooth for that matter!

            Vegan Jelly Sweets

            Again, given the reliance on gelatine for jelly sweets, there was a time when none of them were suitable for vegans. But there’s a lot that has changed, and there are now a lot of vegan jelly sweets. Whether you seek classic cola bottles or something newer like Kingsway Tongue Painting Fizzy Dummies, shopping for vegan gummies has never been easier. Again, BUBS are brilliant, as their entire range is vegan-friendly!

            Any questions?

            At Wholesale Sweets, we want to live in a world where every sweet is met with a smile. Being clear on dietary requirements is a good way to achieve this! That’s why our website gives you the option to filter pages by dietary requirements and lifestyle. Each product page will have information on who it is suitable for. So, look out for the green vegan badge on product listings!

            Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about vegan sweets. But if for whatever reason you have any queries at all, reach out to the Wholesale Sweets team and we will be more than happy to help!