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            Mike & Ike Jolly Joes - 12 x 120g Boxes
            £26.29 inc. VAT
            Hershey's Cookies 'N' Creme Salted Caramel 90g - 24 x 90g Bars
            £11.87 inc. VAT
            Warheads Super Sour Thumb Dippers 30g
            £9.71 inc. VAT
            Mike & Ike Mega Mix - 12 x 120g Boxes
            £26.29 inc. VAT
            Mike & Ike Mega Mix Sour - 12 x 120g Boxes
            £26.29 inc. VAT
            Reese’s Overload Chocolate Bar 42g
            £15.71 inc. VAT
            Mike & Ike Red Rageous - 12 x 120g Boxes
            £26.29 inc. VAT
            Toxic Waste Goop Gum - 24 x 43g Packs
            £10.19 inc. VAT
            Harry Potter Magical Sweets Bag 59g
            £26.51 inc. VAT
            Warheads Wedgies - 12 x 99g Theatre Box
            £20.89 inc. VAT
            Warheads Galactic Cubes - 12 x 99g Boxes
            £20.89 inc. VAT

            American candy & chocolate

            Some historic candy and chocolate has come from America over the years. Here at Wholesale Sweets we’re American candy specialists, with all of the biggest and best the USA has to offer within our bulk range of products.

            American candy

            We have the biggest names in American candy for you. With super sour sweets and chocolate coated gummy bears, there are some crazy stateside sweets! From Jolly Rancher to Nerds, the choices are all exciting.

            Within our stock of American treats, there are plenty of picks for fans of sour candies. Sour Patch Kids have a range of chewy candy that will really tickle the tastebuds. In a range of flavours – which obviously includes an Extreme option – there are plenty of options with share bags and theatre boxes, too. Warheads are another option for those wanting the thrill of a sour treat. Their range offers a variety of candies, all with the ability to scrunch your face up!

            Swedish Fish are an American candy classic. Having been around for more than 50 years, the gummy fish bring fruity flavours that have stood the test of time. The Jolly Rancher brand has also been around for a long time. Their famous hard candies are also joined by the softer Gummies that still bring the same famous colours and flavours.

            We also stock the hugely popular Nerds family. The classic little Nerds treats come in a range of wicked flavour combinations that will all have you wanting more. Other fantastic treats in the Nerds family include the Everlasting Gobstopper, Laffy Taffy and Sweetarts.

            Mike & Ike’s range has quality American candies for any taste. With boxes and bags designed for sharing, their selection of fruity flavour combinations means there is a choice for everyone! From Mega Mix to their Tropical Typhoon assortments is an option for any occasion.

            Some of the more inventive American sweets, Muddy Bears present the unique recipe of chocolate-dipped gummy bears. Our Taste of the USA range offers the perfect chance to try a range of wonderful American candies, with a Pick n Mix Cup, our American Candy Gift Bag and the All American Candy Half Metre Tube. These make wonderful gifts for American sweets fans, or a brilliant introduction for those who are curious!

            American chocolate

            Whilst America may be most associated with candy, they also make some delicious chocolate. With popular bars and some mouth watering special editions, there is plenty of American wholesale chocolate to get really excited about.

            Hershey’s Kisses are just as famous as their bars. Their chocolate drops are famous the world over, with the classic Milk Chocolate joined by Milk Chocolate with Almonds. There are delicious flavours available in their bars too, with Sprinkles ‘N’ Creme Birthday Cake, Cookies ‘N’ Creme and the fresh Cookies ‘N’ Mint Bar. Obviously, we have their classic Milk Chocolate Bar, as well as Hershey’s Milk Duds. These chocolate coated caramel treats are as delicious as they are famous.

            Reese’s are hugely popular thanks to their rich peanut butter filling. Their Peanut Butter Cups are the go to treat for many, with nothing else offering a nutty hit like it! We also have them in Miniature form, as well as White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups alongside an array of Reese’s other chocolate bars and treats. We’ve Sticks, Nutrageous Bars and even cereal.

            Sometimes, America gets it’s own versions of our favourite chocolate. This is exactly the case with the KitKat Fruity Cereal Bar. The limited edition American flavour sees the classic wafer centre coated in a cereal and creme coating. The pink bar looks incredible with the colourful cereal pieces, and it is certainly a bar to try whilst you can!

            American Cereal

            Yep, Americans are even inventive with their cereals! In our selection, you’ll find exciting choices we don’t see too often, alongside some delicious variations of some familiar favourites.

            For a nutty start to the day, look no further than Reese’s Puffs. The sweet and crunchy corn puffs are flavoured using Reese’s peanut butter and Hershey’s cocoa, so you get two iconic flavours in every bowl!

            There are also some interesting takes on Cheerios which are far from ordinary. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios also packs two flavours, with the whole grain oat cereal made with real cocoa and peanut butter. Then there’s the Blueberry Cheerios, which are a delightfully fruity way to start the day.