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            Alma Jazzles Hearts Tub - 120 Sweets
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Alma Pink & White Mice Tub - 120 Sweets
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Alma Spinning Tops Tub - 1 x 600g Tub
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Hannah's Pink Hearts - 1 x 3kg Box
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Kingsway Mallow Poles  - 1 x 1kg Bag
            £6.95 inc. VAT
            Alma Pink Pigs - 1 x 600g Tub
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Bonds Candy Bliss - 6 x 235g Candy Cups
            £11.99 inc. VAT
            Candy Pops Large Candy Floss - 30 x 75g Lollipops
            £21.95 inc. VAT
            Cupcake Marshmallows - 1 x 900g Bag
            £8.59 inc. VAT

            Pink Candy

            When it comes to party themes and event decorations, pink is a colour that’s in demand! From baby showers and gender reveals to romantic occasions and themed parties, pink sweets can be the icing on the cake. With so many incredibly popular pink sweets available, there’s a wide range of different kinds available. You’ll find soft and chewy options alongside lollipops and so much more. With strawberry, bubblegum, raspberry and cherry flavours all on offer, there’s a pink treat for everyone. You’ll also find your favourite brands, with sweets from pink Millions sweets as well as Swizzels and Haribo.

            Pink Marshmallows

            One of the sweets most commonly seen in pink, marshmallows are a fluffy delight that everyone loves. Whether you’re toasting them over an open fire or topping a hot drink, it’s hard to beat a marshmallow at its best.

            The Haribo Chamallows are a tasty blend of white and pink marshmallows, that in this mini version are perfect toppers for spoiling yourself with a fancy hot chocolate! The vanilla mallows are equally suited to sitting atop milkshakes or ice cream.

            Providing a unique take, the Kingsway Pink Paint Ball Marshmallows combine vanilla and strawberry flavours with a sweet sugar coating. The pastel pink drops are ideal for a sweet display whatever the occasions, but they’re also a moreish mallow treat!

            Pink Heart Sweets

            The colour pink is often linked to romance, so there’s no surprise that there’s a vast selection of pink heart-shaped sweets! Whether you’re making a sweet gift basket for Valentine’s Day or are celebrating your anniversary, you’ll find plenty of pink sweets that will enhance the mood right here!

            Alma’s Strawberry Hearts Tub offers plenty of options. The strawberry-flavoured candy is tasty, whilst the crunchy topping only improves the eating experience. This tub is useful for keeping the treats fresh, whilst also making it an ideal addition to a sweet table.

            As with all marshmallows, you can have some fun with the Kingsway Pink & White Mini Marshmallows. They’ll definitely hit the spot for any mallow lover, whilst they’re small enough to crown a special hot chocolate!

            Pink and White Sweets

            As far as colour combinations go, pink and white is certainly up there! Not only does it fit the same themes as pink would on its own, but it can make certain treats look even more appetising.

            The Sweetzone Strawberry Puffs, for example, are both eye-catching and delicious with their pink strawberry and white vanilla sides! Another option that tastes as good as it looks on a sweet table is the Kingsway Mushrooms. These pink mushroom sweets have a white underside and are full of flavour – ideal for a sweet table. You’ll also find several pink and white milk bottle sweets.

            Pink and Blue Sweets

            For one event in particular, pink and blue sweets are absolutely ideal. With pink associated with baby girls and blue with boys, sweets that are both colours are perfect for gender reveal parties! Within our assortment of bulk sweet options t,here are numerous sweet treats that are sure to enhance the occasion.

            They may look like blue and pink cola bottles, but they are even better than that! One of our most popular sweets in recent times, the Kingsway Bubblegum Bottles will go down well on any sweet table. So for a gender reveal, it’s a bonus that they’re the two colours you’d want! With these blue and pink fizzy bottles, you not only get brilliant value, but enough to cater for any celebration.

            We don’t just have gummy pink and blue sweets, there are also hard candies that will fit the theme of a baby shower. These strawberry and bubblegum flavour Pink & Blue Candy Dummies are perfect for a gender reveal party. Each dummy is individually wrapped and then packed in an adorable baby bottle jar!

            Pink and Yellow Sweets

            Just because your theme is based on a particular colour, that doesn’t mean you have to exclude all others tones. With a pink theme, yellow is a cute colour to pair with it – especially when it comes to sweets! With some classics sweets and adorable options, you can find that sweet something to add the finishing touch to any sweet collection.

            Barratt are responsible for some iconic sweets that provide a delicious hit of nostalgia. Their Strawberry Milkshake Bottles are a wonderful take on a retro favourite that brings character and flavour in equal measure. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or looking for something a little different to stock up on, these are a worthy addition.

            If you’re planning a kids’ birthday party, then the Marshmallow Cupcakes should be one of your first choices! These pink and yellow sweets are a lovely party option for younger kids, as they’re soft, delicious and look the part!

            Other Pink Sweets

            Within our range of pink sweets, you’ll find all kinds of interesting treats. From lollipops and chocolate to some exciting and novel shapes, you’ll find all of the pink treats you need right here.

            Kingsway Mallow Bears are a lovely choice for birthday parties. With their yellow bodies, blue features and pink ears, these adorable vanilla mallows are guaranteed to be a hit with the little ones. As an alternative, the Kingsway Jelly Unicorns come in three pastel colours – green, white and obviously pink. These fruity gummies will capture the imagination and please the tastebuds at the same time!

            It doesn’t matter the occasion; a lollipop is always a great thing. And you’ll be pleased to learn that there are several kinds available here at Wholesale Sweets. This tub of Vidal Lolla Lollies Strawberries & Cream offers plenty of candy and plenty of flavour! With the lollies standing in the lid of the jar, it’s a brilliant value way of getting some sweetshop nostalgia.

            But the king of lollipop nostalgia has to be the Crazy Candy Factory Strawberry & Bubblegum Swirl Lollies. These are as big and round as we all remember them, and they’re a fantastic showstopper for children’s birthday parties!

            What situation isn’t made better with some chocolate?! From foiled chocolate balls and hearts to Pink & White Mice, we’ve got your pink chocolate needs covered here at Wholesale Sweets.

            Pink Pick n Mix

            Given how broad the world of pick n mix is, it will come as no surprise that there are many pink options to choose from! Whether you want to make a pick n mix for an event, or your home mix is missing a splash of pink, you won’t be short of choice.

            Jelly Beans are a pick n mix favourite, and there are two different shades of pink from the Jelly Bean Factory. Both are available in bulk bags that are just what you need for a pick n mix collection, there are Candy Floss and Bubblegum flavours, with the latter having a darker candy shell.

            Candy cups are a great way of enjoying a pick n mix but saving the time it takes to choose! Bonds have a brilliant selection of shaker cups that include some mouth-watering pink sweets. Their Candy Bliss mix offers Pink Hearts, Mallow Poles and Strawberry Bites, whilst the Cherries & Berries cup is filled with fizzy fruity gummies and fluffy marshmallows!