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            Bulk Buy Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

            The Ferrero range of chocolates is one full of exquisite choices packed with Italian flair. From gift boxes, little chocolate treats and delicious sharing options, there’s a Ferrero for any taste and occasion!

            Ferrero Rocher Collection

            The Ferrero Rocher family are universally seen as a luxurious little treat. Whichever variation, they’re a crunchy little indulgence that will put a smile on anyone’s face! The nutty chocolate delights are available in a trio of flavours, with each just as indulgent as the last.

            Ferrero Rocher

            The original and the most famous, the Ferrero Rocher consists of a whole hazelnut, coated in luscious milk chocolate and then topped with crushed hazelnut pieces. Wrapped in their golden foil, the iconic indulgences have been adored ever since they were introduced in 1979. Here at Wholesale Sweets, there are a variety of different packs, so you can find the Ferrero Rocher for any situation. From bulk Ferrero Rocher 3 Packs to Rocher Gift Boxes of 24 chocolates and the Grand Ferrero Rocher – a giant chocolate shell dressed like any Rocher, with two of the nutty treats inside. All of these Ferrero Rocher bulk buys offer not only delicious treats, but fantastic wholesale value, too!

            Ferrero Rondnoirs

            A delightful alternative for lovers of dark chocolate, the Ferrero Rondnoir is a rich indulgence. With a dark chocolate centre, creamy chocolate filling and uplifting wafer pieces, the Rondnoir contains a blend of quality ingredients and delicious flavours. These exquisite treats are a welcome addition to the Ferrero Rocher Collection, alongside their tasty cousins.

            Ferrero Raffaellos

            The Ferrero Raffaellos is the only of the Rocher family that doesn’t contain chocolate. The velvety treat surrounds a white almond centre with lush cream and an outer coconut layer! As well as in the Ferrero Rocher Collection Box, you can also get Ferrero Rocher Raffaello 4 Packs, which are a perfect treat for anyone on team Raffaello!

            Ferrero Duplo Bars

            Since they were first introduced way back in 1964, the Ferrero Duplo Bars have been one of the most popular chocolate treats in Germany. Every bite is a delight as the milk chocolate bar contains thin layers of fine wafers and smooth hazelnut cream. They’re as silky as any chocolate bar, and a great snack that is a perfect little lunchbox treat.

            Tic Tacs

            Famous the world over, everyone loves a Tic Tac, don’t they?! And they’re part of the Ferrero confectionery family. The Tic Tac Lime & Orange 4 Pack is an unbeatable way to stock up on a classic flavour. Sold in bulk, you get no fewer than 20 four-packs, so you’ll have plenty of the refreshing little lifts wherever you go! You also get incredible value on these hugely popular little sweets.

            Thorntons Chocolate

            Another huge name in the chocolate game, Thorntons is part of Ferrero. For such a beloved name of British chocolate, there is no better way to enjoy it than the Thorntons Classic Gift Box Chocolates. This selection of lovingly crafted treats includes a mix of mouth-watering milk, dark and white chocolates. With a range of chocolates indulged with caramel, praline, toffee and orange cream, these make a beautiful gift for any chocoholic. They’re a classy option for sharing, too!

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, our massive range of sweets and chocolate includes anything and everything you may be looking for. Whether that is pick n mix or specialist American candy, we’ve got everything available in bulk and offering great value! Whilst shopping for all your favourites, if you have any issues or questions, simply contact us and we’ll happily help you out!