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Who We Are

At Wholesale Sweets we pour over fifty years of confectionery tradition into delivering a wholesale experience right to your door. With thousands of products in stock, we give sweet lovers more choice and wholesale value!

From party planners to families, our huge range of products caters for everyone. We’ll have you feeling like a kid in a sweetshop with everything from pick n mix classics to big brand favourites to choose from. Whether you are running your own business or just want great value, Wholesale Sweets gives you the benefits of a cash and carry without the heavy lifting!

What We Stock

We have thousands of products ranging from gummy bears to gift boxes. From candy canes and easter eggs to KitKats for lunchboxes, we have confectionery for every occasion!

Our pick n mix range spans from traditional and retro treats through to new and exciting delights. Tubs of Haribo and Swizzels favourites are great for sharing and parties, whilst we also have lollipops, toffee and fudge, jelly sweets and old school hard boiled candies. Whether you’re creating something special for an event or just want the best value on your favourites, simply take your pick!

Chocolate is a wonderful thing! A block or a gift box, everyone loves chocolate. You’ll find price marked bars for business or multipacks for families, with all of your favourites from Cadbury, Mars and Nestle. Other treats include Lindt selection boxes and delightful chocolate from Moo Free that you’d never know is vegan!

We are proud of our extensive range of American candy here at Wholesale Sweets. The USA is known for many things – and their confectionery is one of them! You’ll find everything from the iconic peanut buttery goodness of all things Reese’s, to fun of Marshmallow Fluff and the naughtiness of Nerds. We also stock Hershey's and Warheads among many more candies from across the pond!

cross all our stock you’ll find sweet choices for all dietary requirements, with extensive vegan and vegetarian options as well as a gelatine free range. We also stock gluten and dairy-free products, There’s also a huge selection of bulk halal certified sweets!

But we don’t just stock sweets and chocolate. Our catalogue contains the best mints, chewing gum and awesome drinks! You’ll find milkshake and smoothie mixes, ice cream toppings and even slush syrups!

Our range of sweetshop accessories will brighten up any home or business. We’ve got bags, boxes, and Victorian sweet jars to take your sweet presentation to the next level! Add in tongs or a scoop for a real sweetshop experience! With our accessories, you can be prepared for anything. Doing it yourself has never been so easy!

Whatever your reason for bulk buying sweets, we are here to make it better for you. From gummy bears to chocolates and popcorn to packaging, we stock everything you could want, whether you’re catering for a wedding, running a business, or putting on a movie night at home! Here at Wholesale Sweets, we do everything we can to deliver the wholesale experience directly to you!