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            Kinder Surprise 3 Pack - 1 x 60g Multipack

            Kinder Surprise 3 Pack - 1 x 60g Multipack

            1 x (3 x 20g Eggs)
            Offers Available
            £2.51 inc. VAT
            Peppa Pig Surprise Eggs 20g
            £15.84 inc. VAT
            Barbie Surprise Eggs - 24 x 20g Eggs
            £15.84 inc. VAT
            Kinnerton Surprise Eggs - 18 x 10g Eggs
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Kinder Surprise Egg - 36 x 20g Eggs
            £38.51 inc. VAT
            Hot Wheels Surprise Eggs - 24 x 20g Eggs
            £15.84 inc. VAT

            Types of Surprise Eggs

            There are so many types of sweets and chocolate that children enjoy, but surprise eggs are up there for many kids! Combining a sweet treat with a novelty toy, the whole concept captures their imagination. As a little treat, you can guarantee that it will be met with excitement. Throughout our bulk range, you’ll find options from brands like Kinder and Crazy Candy Factory that’re ideal for kids' parties!

            Chocolate Surprise Eggs

            For a long time, chocolate surprise eggs have been the go-to choice. The most famous example would be Kinder Eggs – a creamy milk chocolate egg around a capsule containing a mystery toy. There are lots of chocolate eggs with toys inside, as that basic recipe is followed by many surprise eggs!

            The Kinnerton Forest Of Hope Milk Chocolate Surprise Egg brings together a chocolate egg and a surprise toy, in a totally recyclable package. It is also totally fairtrade and forest-friendly!

            Other options that young ones will love include the Paw Patrol Chocolate Surprise Egg, Bipmoji Chocolate Surprise Eggs and the Peppa Pig Surprise Eggs. All of these chocolate surprise eggs will capture the imagination and put a smile on faces.

            Candy Surprise Eggs

            For inquisitive minds that prefer a few sweets to a chocolate egg, there are plenty of eggciting choices here at Wholesale Sweets.

            Crazy Candy Factory has a range of excellent wholesale candy surprise eggs. With fruity flavour candy inside a plastic egg with a range of toys, these eggs are delicious regardless of which style you choose!

            There are plenty of familiar faces on offer, too. Candy-loving kids will no doubt be excited by the Paw Patrol Super Surprise Egg, whilst Peppa Pig, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty surprise eggs are available with jelly beans.

            Surprise Egg Toys

            Obviously, the sweet or chocolate aspect of a surprise egg is an important factor, but the toy that’s included is most likely to sway a decision. And that means that there are some really exciting and inventive surprise egg toys throughout our range!

            From puzzles and emojis to adorable jungle animals and motorbikes, there’s sure to be a surprise egg that catches the eye of every child. There are familiar faces with characters from Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Frozen. There are also snakes, dinosaurs and an endless range in the Kinder Surprise Eggs!

            Whether you’re looking for a birthday party or an event, our range of bulk surprise eggs offer great variety and great value! If you still have any questions about our selection of surprise eggs, feel free to contact our team who will help you however they can.