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            Cadbury Boost - 12 x 126g Multipacks
            £16.60 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Starbar Duo - 32 x 74g Bars
            £24.89 inc. VAT
            Aero Hazelnut - 15 x 90g Bars
            £19.19 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Flake 99 Chocolate - 144 x 8.25g Bars
            £16.91 inc. VAT
            Hershey's Cookies 'N' Creme Salted Caramel 90g - 24 x 90g Bars
            £11.87 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Wispa - 11 x 94.8g Multipacks
            £15.40 inc. VAT

            The Best Chocolate Bars

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, we have a wide variety of British chocolate bars as well as bars of chocolate from around the world, including American chocolate brands such as Hershey’s and Reese’s. We stock everything from big chocolate bars to small chocolate bars, including white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate bars! You’ll find choices from your favourite brands, including Cadbury, Kinder and Nestle chocolate bars among many more.

            Mini Chocolate Bars

            Chocolate always makes a great snack. With our range of wholesale mini chocolate bars, it’s easy for you to stock up on your favourite treats. You’ll find wonderful choices, with your favourite Cadbury chocolate bars such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo and Fudge, as well as Nestle’s Milkybar and Milky Way! You’ll be able to find your ideal mini bars for packed lunches and a cheeky snack here at Wholesale Sweets.

            As well as a range of great milk, white and dark chocolate bars, we have the best-flavoured chocolates, too. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is an example that has stood the test of time, whilst the KitKat Fruity Cereal Bar is very much a new and equally exciting choice!

            Giant Chocolate Bars

            If you’re a chocoholic, mini chocolate bars won’t always cut it. But our choice of giant chocolate bars will surely pique your interest! With giant bars of Cadbury chocolate, Tony’s Chocolonely, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and many more, you’re sure to find the perfect chocolate block for you. These are great for sharing with the family and we also stock a wide range of chocolate sharing bags for a fun-filled family night!

            Vegan Chocolate Bars

            There are more delicious vegan chocolate bars than ever before in the Wholesale Sweets range! You’ll find delicious options from long-established brands and new, dedicated vegan chocolatiers alike, with a bar to suit everyone.

            Moo Free make some delicious bars, but their vegan white chocolate really stands out from the crowd. They also make plenty of unique and exciting flavours, such as Strawberry, Bunnycomb, Mint, Orange and Caramel.

            For fans of Maltesers who are looking for a brilliant vegan alternative, Creative Nature’s Gnawbles are the solution. Made entirely with vegan ingredients, their crunchy malt bites are covered in dairy-free chocolate to produce an irresistible snack that everyone can enjoy!

            The award-winning bars of Dirty Cow are one of the most indulgent chocolate bars around, regardless of the fact that they’re vegan! Rich, vegan chocolate bars are topped with inventive toppings that range from pistachios and freeze-dried fruit to pretzels and bourbon biscuits.

            Low-Calorie Chocolate Bars

            Love Raw’s range of smooth chocolate, cream-filled wafer bars are tasty and free from animal products. With white chocolate, salted caramel and peanut butter all in their repertoire, there’s a whole lot of delicious vegan goodness! Their bars are also lower in calories and only use natural ingredients, so they’re a brilliant option for calorie counters!

            With a totally unique approach to delicious, low-calorie chocolate, Flower & White offer a treat like nothing you’ve experienced before. Combining meringue with a tasty chocolate coating and a whole raft of mouth-watering flavours. From White Chocolate Crunch and Salted Caramel to Raspberry Crumble and Hazelnut Praline bars, there’s no shortage of tasty treats – and all of them are just 95 calories! These are a game-changing addition to lunchboxes and the chocolate corner of your store cupboard.

            American Chocolate Bars

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, we are specialist importers of the finest and most popular American candy and chocolate. With the best variety and brilliant wholesale value, you’ll find the stars of the American chocolate world right here. Obviously, we have a great range of treats from both Reese’s and Hershey’s, alongside stateside delights from Goetze’s, Cookie Dough Bites and Muddy Bears!

            In our superb selection of Reese’s treats, there’s plenty to go nuts about! From the classic Peanut Buttercups to Sticks, the Nutrageous Bar and Reese’s Snack mix!

            We’ve also got a wide range of Hershey’s creamy chocolate bar flavours. There’s a range of cookie-flavoured treats, with the Cookies ‘N’ Mint, Cookies & Chocolate and Cookies & Creme. There’s also the Strawberries & Cream and the spectacular Sprinkles ‘N’ Creme Birthday Cake Bar! Oh, and the classic Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars.