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            Kingsway Mini Mallows - 1 x 1kg Bag
            £6.83 inc. VAT
            Toxic Waste Yellow Tubs
            £10.31 inc. VAT
            Tango Orange Sherbet Shockers 11g 10p PMP
            £5.27 inc. VAT
            Kingsway Fried Eggs - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £14.39 inc. VAT
            Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Trio 63g
            £38.87 inc. VAT
            Swizzels Barley Sugar - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £17.51 inc. VAT
            Kingsway Peaches - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Stockley's Barley Sugar 3kg
            £17.99 inc. VAT
            Reese's Nutrageous Bar 47g
            £14.15 inc. VAT
            Arizona Mucho Mango - 6 x 500ml Bottles
            £7.79 inc. VAT
            Peach Rings - 1 x 2.5kg Bag
            £11.80 inc. VAT
            Westheads Orange Crystals - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £10.07 inc. VAT
            Reese's Sticks 42g

            Reese's Sticks 42g

            20 x 42g Bars
            £15.71 inc. VAT

            Why Choose Orange Sweets?

            There are a whole host of reasons that you might be looking specifically for orange sweets. Whether you’re planning an event or party with an orange theme or simply want to add some colour to a sweet table, you’ll be able to find something that’s perfect for the occasion here at Wholesale Sweets. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a vibrant wedding, or celebrating a sports team, there’s such a wide range on offer that you can make any occasion sweeter. You’ll also find vegetarian, halal and vegan sweets, making it easy to cater for a range of different diets.

            Types of Orange Sweets

            Orange sweets are very diverse. It doesn’t matter what your taste is, there will be an orange sweet for you. With chocolate, pick n mix and chewy orange sweets available in abundance, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Below, we’ll talk through some of the many options in more detail.

            Orange Retro Sweets

            Standing the test of time, there are some truly delicious orange retro sweets. A sweetshop favourite for decades, bon bons are popular with sweet lovers of all ages. The Kingsway Veggie Orange Bon Bons are an ideal option for a sweet buffet table. Pairing citrus flavours with the chewy bon bon texture we all love, these will be a hit on any occasion.

            Swizzels makes some of the most iconic retro sweets around, and their Barley Sugars are a zesty treat that you can just picture in a sweet jar behind a counter. The fruity-flavoured hard-boiled treats are individually wrapped, making them a great way to add retro flair to a colourful candy buffet.

            Orange Jelly Sweets

            Among the most popular sweets of any kind, jelly sweets are loved by so many with a sweet tooth. There’s nothing that compares to sinking your teeth into something that’s tasty and delightfully chewy! And there are some fun and fruity orange chewy sweets that are sure to be a hit.

            Peach Rings are a best-seller. With their distinctive flavour and sugar coating you can see why. They’re perfect for adding a colourful fruity option to any setting – be that your own pick n mix collection or a party! Using the same orange and yellow colours, the Sweetzone Orange & Lemon Slices are a citrusy option that is just as versatile. They’re a classic orange chewy candy that are suited to a wide range of situations.

            Fans of pick n mix will all be well aware of Fried Eggs! The gummy classics, with their orange yolk, are a welcome addition to any array of sweets. Whereas, if you were looking for something a little different, the coconut and banana-flavoured Gummy Monkeys are a brilliant shout that will catch the eye of sweet fans of all ages.

            Orange Chocolate

            When it comes to pairing chocolate with different flavours, there are few that come close to orange. The smooth milk chocolate tones are beautifully enhanced by the addition of an orangey edge. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is the first example that jumps to mind, but there are plenty of other mouth-watering options besides that.

            One of the most popular chocolate bars out there, a KitKat is a great place to start when coming up with a new bar. The KitKat Orange Chocolate Bar takes the same delightful wafer fingers and instead tops them with orange-flavoured milk chocolate. The light and citrusy chocolate treats are ideal for party bags but also make a delicious lunchbox treat.

            If you’re trying to stick to an orange theme, then the colour may be more important than the flavour of your chocolate treats. In their iconic orange wrapping, Reese’s famous peanut butter and chocolate treats are perfect. Whether you opt for Sticks, Nutrageous Bars or the classic Peanut Butter Cups, they all share the same vibrant packing.

            Orange Sweet Flavours

            There’s a very obvious flavour for most orange-coloured sweets. But there are many more on offer than you might think.

            Fruity flavours are most commonly paired with vibrant colours, so it will be no surprise that there are numerous fruity orange treats. But there are loads of other flavours, such as peach, mango, passionfruit and pineapple! So you’ll not only find the colour to suit a tropical theme, but you’ve got the flavours, too!

            You won’t just find fruity flavours though. Irn Bru is a popular drink that is famous for being bright orange – and sweets that take its flavour are too! From the Millions Iron Brew Jelly Babies to the Dobsons Mega Lollies and Buchanan’s Iron Brew Crumbles, there are diverse options if you want to get some of the unique Scottish flavour. Turkish Delight is a unique treat with a flavour all of its own, and it also happens to be kind of orange in colour!

            For something truly different, there is no better option than the Barnetts Hot or Wot Chilli Ginger treats. These spicy boiled sweets are definitely something different! In a retro sweet jar, they put you in mind of a sweetshop of old, but they pack a serious punch!

            It doesn’t matter why you’re searching for orange candy you don’t need to search any further! Here at Wholesale Sweets, we have a wide range that features delicious options for any occasion. You’ll find pick n mix, chocolate and any other bulk sweets you need, all at great wholesale value, right here. If you have any questions about any of our wonderful treats, then don’t hesitate to contact our team – they’ll do all they can to make sure you have the sweetest experience!