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            Why Do People Love Silver Sweets?

            So often at special occasions, whether it’s at a wedding, birthday party or any other big celebration, you’ll find silver sweets. They’re a classy and elegant way to add sparkle to any occasion! But did you know that when silver foil was first used to wrap sweets, it wasn’t intended to be decorative? It was first used to provide sweets with antibacterial protection. Whilst that isn’t the case nowadays – and modern foil doesn’t actually contain any silver – the trend has stuck around because it just looks so fab!

            Types of Silver-Wrapped Sweets

            There is a huge range of silver sweets on offer, ranging from retro favourites to chocolate balls and coins. But one of the most famous sweets with iconic silver wrapping, Hershey’s Kisses, is a favourite with chocoholics all over the globe. The milk chocolate drops are all individually wrapped in silver foil and are the perfect silver treat for sharing!

            Silver Wrapped Chocolates

            Being so popular, there’s a versatile range of silver-wrapped chocolates, with options that’re suitable for many different occasions. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a wedding, a birthday party or just a family gathering, some chocolate will always be a welcome addition.

            For a wedding reception, the Silver ‘Just Married’ Milk Chocolate Coins are ideal. Their elegant design means that they’re ideal for making wedding favours, or even as part of table decorations. Obviously, you can use them alongside any of your favourite pick n mix on a sweet table, too!

            Also great for weddings, the Kingsway Silver Foil Milk Chocolate Hearts are a versatile chocolatey delight! The smooth milk chocolate hearts, in their shiny foil, are lovely for any love-themed occasion. They’re an easy way to show someone you care, so they’re brilliant for Valentine’s Day gifts or even homemade birthday or Christmas presents.

            Other options, such as the Silver 10p Chocolate Coins, are ideal for the kids’ birthday parties. Whether you put them into your party bags or add them to a sweet table, they’re both tasty and eye-catching options. The same goes for the Kinnerton Silver Foiled Chocolate Balls – these delicious silver ball sweets are amazing any place, any time!

            Silver Liquorice Sweets

            It isn’t just chocolates that are wrapped in silver foil. You’ll also find flavoursome liquorice, too! The Barnetts Sugar Free Soothing Barnips are a retro favourite. These liquorice and menthol cough lozenges are great for making a sore throat and chest feel miles better. They’re also a hit with fans of both liquorice and menthol sweets – you don’t have to be under the weather to enjoy them! Sold in a retro sweets jar, these soothing sugar-free treats are great to have around at home and suitable for those trying to avoid sugar.

            Other Great Colourful Sweets

            If you are planning an event and silver isn’t part of your theme, then you needn’t worry. Our handy shop by colour pages mean that you can easily find your favourite sweets no matter the hue! Whether you’re looking for sweets for a purple party or blue or pink sweets for a baby shower, you’ll be able to find what you need right here at Wholesale Sweets.

            What are you waiting for? Dive in and find the sweets that are perfect for you! If you have any questions about our silver sweets, UK delivery or anything else, simply get in touch and they’ll happily help however they can!