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            Sweetzone Mega Stix - 1 x 1kg Bag
            £5.29 inc. VAT
            Haribo Giant Strawbs - 1 x 825g Tub
            £4.79 inc. VAT
            Vidal Fizzy Strawberry Belts Tub
            £8.39 inc. VAT
            Sweetzone Fruity Hearts - 1 x 805g Tub
            £5.59 inc. VAT
            Haribo Heart Throbs - 1 x 480g Tub
            £4.79 inc. VAT
            Haribo Heart Throbs - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £16.19 inc. VAT
            Vidal Giant Strawberry Cables 6kg

            Vidal Giant Strawberry Cables 6kg

            1 x 6kg box (80 cables)
            £28.19 inc. VAT
            Haribo Giant Strawbs - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £16.19 inc. VAT

            Red Sweets

            When you think of your favourite sweets there are bound to be some red ones in there. From pick n mix to lollipops and liquorice, red sweets are everywhere! You’ll find a wide range of flavours within red sweets, too. There are plenty of fruity flavours on offer, with strawberry, cherry and peach available in abundance, whilst there are also several cola-flavoured sweets that are suitably red. Whether you’re having a themed event, or just happen to have a thing for red sweets, you’ll find everything you need, right here! From classics like Strawberry Pencils to Haribo Happy Cherries, we’ve got it all!

            Types of Red Sweets

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, our collection of red sweets is full of the best treats from the biggest brands. You’ll find retro favourites alongside the latest trends and a huge range of flavours. So, no matter what it is you are craving, you’ll be able to find it!

            Hard Boiled Sweets

            Truly iconic pick n mix options, hard-boiled sweets have truly stood the test of time! That is why we all remember them from our childhood! Pretty much everyone in the UK would’ve had a Strawberry Twist Kiss at some point! It isn’t just the little swirled red and white sweets either, the same goes for Cola Cubes and many more hard-boiled classics!

            Having been key in the pick n mix boom in the sixties, hard boiled sweets are absolute British sweet classics! For years, the pick n mix stand was a fixture of the British shopping experience. Sweets are also closely linked with the seaside! Treats like the Candy Pops Fizzy Cola Giant Dummies – the red and black sweets are a fine example of the novelty treats that instantly remind you of family trips to the British coast!

            Soft Red Sweets

            For some people, the softer sweets are the ones that are the most exciting. Again, there are some iconic British pick and mix sweets that don the colour red. Soft sweets take on a range of forms, with options ranging from treats like the Vidal Strawberry Cable Bites, to the halal Foam Strawberries from Sweetzone. There are red marshmallow sweets to enjoy! The Kingsway Red Paint Balls are a vibrant colour, with a hearty vanilla and strawberry flavour.

            For those who love to sink their teeth into something soft, there is definitely plenty of choice. With so super soft picks like marshmallows to giant cables that you can sink your teeth into, there really is a soft red sweet for everyone!

            Chewy Red Sweets

            If you’re looking for chewy red sweets, then you’ll be glad to hear that we have a mouth-watering selection of gummies to choose from. Our selection of bulk chewy sweets includes picks from the biggest brands – you’re sure to find your favourite!

            Of course we have plenty of Haribo red sweets! Possibly pick of the bunch is the ever-popular Haribo Giant Strawbs, in awesome wholesale tubs. Not only do these offer fantastic value and lots of your favourite sweets, but they’re also incredibly practical as you can reseal them and keep your Strawbs fresh. Not to mention the sweetshop vibes they bring in! Other options that give the same nostalgia include red lip sweets, love hearts and red laces sweets, too!

            One of the most iconic chewy treats, the Swizzels Drumstick Lollies are as popular today as they’ve ever been! The classic milk and raspberry chews are remembered fondly by so many, and like all chewy sweets, they are ideal for sweet lovers of all ages.

            Other Tasty Treats

            A lot of red sweets take their flavours from various fruits. They’re all delicious and we adore them, but there are other red treats that offer much richer flavours that can offer a nice break from all of the fruitiness.

            The giant 1kg share bag of Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles is a brilliantly red option that everyone will enjoy. From a candy buffet at a red party to delicious homemade gifts, the iconic Swiss truffles are a welcome treat in any circumstance. Plus, these bulk chocolates are a glorious addition to your home stash!

            If you’re looking for something that’s a little more refreshing, then don’t worry – we know someone who’s got your back. Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are made with three natural ingredients, giving you a delightful minty freshness that is also vegan and vegetarian! This is how they have always been made, with the same techniques used now as when they were invented in 1898! So, whilst there are so many deliciously fruity red sweets to enjoy, you can see that there are also options to mix it up a bit, too.

            Diet-Friendly Red Sweets

            Gone are the days when dietary requirements meant that people would miss out on sweets! Here at Wholesale Sweets, our lip-smacking range of red sweets has many diet-friendly options! We don’t want anyone to miss out on delicious treats, so you’ll find vegan and vegetarian options – halal too! There are also plenty of options that are gluten, dairy and sugar-free sweets, alongside treats without any artificial flavouring or colours.

            So, whatever diet you are shopping for, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find not only sweets but tasty red sweets that everyone can enjoy!

            Other Great Colourful Sweets

            If you’re working to a theme, then a selection of sweets that are specific colours can really help to make things pop! Whether you’re throwing a party, hosting an event or making a display, shopping for sweets by colour is a simple way to get effective results! We don’t just have a collection for the colour red either, you’ll also find pages for purple, green, and white among others! So, whatever you need bulk sweets for, we’re here to make things that bit easier for you.

            Once you’ve found your desired red sweets, UK delivery will see them come to you! So, you can enjoy the best of the wholesale experience from the comfort of your own home, courtesy of Wholesale Sweets!

            Our huge range stretches far beyond colourful sweets – you’ll find all kinds of chocolates as well as baking toppings, American candy and so much more! Why not take a look at all of the sweet treats we stock and find inspiration for your next sweet adventure? If you have any questions about anything we stock, or even our delivery options, simply contact our team who will be happy to assist!