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            Alma Jazzles Starz Tub - 120 Sweets
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Alma Mega Jazzles Tub - 120 Sweets
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Giant Cola Bottles - 1 x 1.02kg Tub
            £4.67 inc. VAT
            BUBS Cool Cola Skulls - 1 x 3kg Box
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Chocolate Foam Bananas

            Chocolate Foam Bananas

            1 x 750g Box (30 Sweets)
            £11.03 inc. VAT
            Alma Zoo Animals Tub - 120 Sweets
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            BUBS Banana & Caramel Foam - 1 x 2.8kg Box
            £14.63 inc. VAT
            Hannah's Mega Jazzies - 1 x 3kg Box
            £15.59 inc. VAT

            Brown Candy

            The variety of brown sweets is a truly astounding one. With treats of all different kinds and flavours on offer, there really is something for any taste or occasion. There are ever-popular chocolate and cola-flavoured sweets alongside retro favourites like fudge and chewing nuts. Throughout our huge selection, you’ll find options from your favourite brands such as Haribo, Kingsway and Swizzles among many more.

            Chewy Brown Candy

            For fans of chewy sweets, nothing compares to sinking your teeth into a delicious treat. It’s just so satisfying! Whether you favour gummy or foam sweets, or even a retro favourite like fudge, there are dozens of delicious options to choose from here at Wholesale Sweets!

            Fans of gummies are spoilt for choice, with a whole range of flavours on offer. With both classic, fizzy and cherry cola bottles, alongside Kingsway’s beer-flavoured Pint Pots, there are some incredible gummies to choose from.

            Fudge is another great chewy treat. The Fudge Factory range includes a mind-blowing range of flavoured fudge that is sure to pique anyone’s interests. Whether you’re hosting a party or want to stock up on an indulgent sweet treat, you’ll have a diverse range of fudge fit for any occasion. From standard flavours like Vanilla and Salted Caramel, through to Jaffa Cake and Creme Egg Fudge, you’ll spoilt for choice.

            Millions are a hit with any sweet lover! Their cheeky chewiness is incredible, and the Cola flavour is among the most popular. Available in two different jars, or even a bulk bag along with 25 serving tubes, you can enjoy Millions whatever the occasion.

            Hard Brown Candy

            Humbugs are a true sweetshop icon. The retro sweets are still a hit today, despite having been around for so many years! Royale are known for their handmade traditional sweets, so you can trust that these minty brown and white sweets are as good as they’ve always been.

            Maybe not the type of sweet everyone would associate with the brand, but the Swizzels Butterscotch is a delicious hard brown candy, nonetheless. With it’s smooth, sweet taste, this brown wrapped candy is loved by people of all ages.

            One of the most famous hard candies, however, are the Werther’s Originals. The creamy candy made with real butter and fresh cream has been made using the same techniques for generations. Individually wrapped and as smooth as ever, these are great treats to have on hand for any road trip or long journey. Featuring the same candy shell as the classic, the Werther’s Original Creamy Filling adds a caramel centre, for those who want an even creamier hard candy.

            Brown Chocolate Candy

            Whether it’s milk or dark, chocolate is without doubt the most famous sweet treat that takes the colour brown. Throughout our range here at Wholesale Sweets, you’ll find totally delicious options that include everything from brown chocolate candy to chocolate coated treats and much more.

            A sweetshop favourite, Alma Milk Chocolate Stars are a hugely popular chocolate treat. The smooth milk chocolate shapes have a colourful, crunchy candy topping that adds to the excitement. Loved by all ages, these are going to be popular on any sweet table whether it’s at a kid’s birthday party or any other event. The same goes for Hannah’s Icy Cups, too. Colourful foil filled with smooth chocolate candy that just melts in your mouth, they’re sure to go down well.

            Chocolate doesn’t always take centre stage, though. A milk chocolate coating can transform any snack into a really moreish treat. From the Carole Anne Milk Chocolate Raisins to Kingsway Chewing Nuts and Chocolate Flavour Brazils, there’s plenty of chocolate nibbles to choose from. Combining a rose flavour with smooth chocolate, you’ll even find Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight!

            Other Brown Coloured Sweets

            When it comes to brown sweets, there are some obvious choices that will spring to mind. However, there are also some incredible treats that you may not know about yet!

            Combining three amazing flavours, the Kingsway Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate & Peanut Clusters are one of a kind. These uneven clusters have character and, of course, are absolutely delicious!

            It’s safe to say that Sweet Tobacco is unique. Strips of fresh coconut, with a chocolate flavour and a sugar coating, these are one of a kind. Whether they’re part of a sweet table or you just want a supply to snack on, these are truly delicious sweets! Another coconut favourite, Taveners’ Coconut Mushrooms are a retro favourite that are as eye-catching as they are delicious. Shaped like a mushroom and coated in coconut flakes, these are ideal chewy sweets for any coconut nuts!

            Something totally different, the Gibb Cinnamon Balls are a traditionally-made Scottish favourite. Sold in a sweetshop style bulk jar, these hard-boiled sweets are easy to store away, but look great when they’re on show, too.

            Brown Sweets Pick n Mix

            In the world of pick n mix, there are dozens of popular bottle sweets. But chief among them is the cola bottle. Available in several guises, and from your favourite brands, we’ll be able to serve your bulk cola bottle needs.

            The Ravazzi Green Cola Bottles are a colourful way to get your chewy cola fix. With a fizzy coating, these green and brown sweets are delicious and will brighten up any occasion. Pair them with the Kingsway Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles and you’ve got yourself a colourful feast to sink your teeth into!

            With a delicious range of pick n mix sweets, BUBS will put smiles on faces at any event. Their mouth-watering vegan sweets have won them so many fans! With their eye-catching designs and fun flavours, they are worthy of a place on any sweet table. Their Cool Cola Skulls are a delicious, fizzy gummy, whilst the Banana & Caramel Foam Ovals are tasty fruity treats.

            If you picture a pick n mix stand from days gone by, there will be certain sweets that you imagine. For many, a foam banana will be in there. The Chocolate Foam Bananas are a fun twist on that classic, adding a simple but effective chocolate outer layer.

            Whether you’re shopping for a specific theme, or simply love the flavours that come with the best brown sweets, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for right here at Wholesale Sweets. We have party-ready sweet tubs and bulk favourites to make organising an event that bit easier, whilst there is also no better way to stock up your home sweet stash! If you’re working on a theme that includes other colours, we also have red, purple and many other colour collections.

            We work hard to ensure that you get the best of the wholesale shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. Dive into our huge range of sweets and chocolates to find your favourites and we’ll deliver them straight to your door. If you have any questions about any of our products or delivery options, simply get in touch with our team and they’ll happily help you out!