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            Cadbury Boost - 12 x 126g Multipacks
            £16.60 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Bitsa Wispa Bag - 10 x 85g Bags
            £12.19 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Starbar Duo - 32 x 74g Bars
            £24.89 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Flake 99 Chocolate - 144 x 8.25g Bars
            £16.91 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Crunchie Bits - 1 x 500g Bag
            £8.51 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs - 1 x 1.7kg Jar
            £15.83 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Wispa - 11 x 94.8g Multipacks
            £15.40 inc. VAT

            Wholesale Cadbury Chocolate

            Throughout the years, Cadbury chocolate has won the hearts of countless chocoholics. From their iconic Dairy Milk bars to the dark chocolate Bournville and so many others, Cadbury makes a chocolate treat for every taste. Here at Wholesale Sweets, you’ll find all of the most popular Cadbury products, all available in bulk – it’s the best way to get cheap Cadbury chocolate. So whether you’re stocking up your home supply, making your own delicious gift bags or even heavenly hampers, you’ll find the Cadbury bulk buys you need.

            Cadbury Products

            With so many hugely successful chocolate bars, the Cadbury range is bursting with stars of the sweetshop! It is incredible that their range includes so many great bars that appeal to so many different tastes. Here at Wholesale Sweets, we stock a huge range of them, ranging from retro favourites to the latest additions.

            Dairy Milk

            Where to start with Dairy Milk? Probably the most famous Cadbury bar, the smooth and creamy milk chocolate has been earning fans for generations. Whilst the standard bar has well and truly stood the test of time, the silky chocolate also pairs with other flavours and ingredients seamlessly. These range from traditional favourites such as Fruit & Nut, Whole Nut and Caramel, whilst there are plenty of less ordinary and exciting additions, too. Dairy Milk Oreo is a highly delicious range, whilst Dairy Milk Daim is a delightful combination, too. Adding fruity jellies, crispy cocoa bites and crackling popping candy with the smooth milk chocolate, the Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy is a party in your mouth!

            Cadbury Buttons

            The perfect little treat to calm those chocolate cravings, Cadbury Buttons are a chocoholic’s best friend! There are various flavours, sizes and pack types, so you can get your fix whenever and however you like. There are regular and Giant variations of the milk chocolate Dairy Milk Buttons, whilst the Dairy Milk Orange version adds a zesty edge. Those with a really sweet tooth adore the Cadbury White Chocolate Buttons, whilst Caramilk Buttons add another delicious option.

            Cadbury Chocolate Bars

            The Cadbury range is overflowing with exciting chocolate bars and choosing between them is like choosing between your children! From the Crunchie to the Double Decker, Wispa and many more, there are so many amazing chocolate bars to thank Cadbury for.

            There is literally a Cadbury bar for any taste. Those who love caramel have got the Starbar, Chomp and Curly Wurly to tickle their fancy, whilst there are also the deliciously dense Fudge bars. Both Boost and nutty Picnic bars offer a chocolatey crunch, whilst it’s fair to say the same of the Crunchie, too!

            Dark chocolate lovers will all know the name Bournville. This intensely dark bar is named after the town where Cadbury workers lived and has been in the Cadbury range for over a century. The bar’s red wrapper with gold font is beautiful – fitting, for one of the most iconic Cadbury bars!

            Cadbury Creme Eggs

            Available for only a short period each year, the Cadbury Creme Egg is one of the most famous and sought-after chocolate treats around. With a fondant filling in a Dairy Milk shell, the Creme Egg has had us drooling over it since the sixties! With a range of delicious forms available each year, the Creme Egg recipe is as much of a hit today as it has ever been! From little siblings to Caramel and even Oreo Creme cousins, Cadbury has once again got all chocolatey bases covered.

            Cadbury Chocolate Boxes and Gifts

            Yet another arm of Cadbury’s chocolate empire is their impeccable range of chocolate boxes and gifts. Whether you’re looking for a selection to share with loved ones or a present for a chocoholic, there’s something to delight anyone.

            Named after Dorothy Cadbury’s favourite flowers, Roses are a colourful and diverse range of chocolates that are perfect for sharing. Among them, there are Tangy Orange Cremes, Country Fudges, Hazel Whirls and Dairy Milk Chunks to name a few.

            Another stellar assortment, Heroes includes miniature versions of everyone’s Cadbury favourites. From Twirl and Wispa to Crunchie Bits, Dinky Decker and many more, each carton is a party of deliciousness! As a gift or to share with friends, Heroes can save the day!

            Milk Tray is one of the oldest brands within the Cadbury family, having been around since 1915! The collection of various chocolates, pralines and truffles is a favourite with all ages. As delivered by the suave Milk Tray Man on TV, the purple box is a suave choice that makes a lovely gift for any Cadbury lover.

            Cadbury Share Bags

            Chocolate is always a welcome addition – whatever the situation. Thanks to the many Cadbury sharing bags, you can take and share your favourite chocolatey treats wherever you go! With mini versions of your favourites, like Curly Wurly Squirlies and Twirl Bites, plus delicious treats like Oreo Bites and Chocolate Eclairs.

            Other Cadbury Chocolates

            Now made by Cadburys, the Fry’s Turkish Delight features the same delicate rose flavour and milk chocolate coating that it always has! Another favourite with plenty of fans, the Freddo is another stalwart of the Cadbury range. Whether the original solid bar or the one with the caramel centre, everyone loves the froggy little bars! They’re perfect for lunch boxes, picnics, or a cheeky little snack!

            One of the newest additions to their range, the Cadbury Plant Chocolate Bar takes that signature Cadbury taste and makes it suitable for vegans. Made with a high level of cocoa butter and almond paste, the vegan chocolate has no dairy and it is completely plant-based!

            Any Questions?

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, we work hard to keep our range of Cadbury wholesale chocolate up to date, so you can enjoy wholesale value on all of your favourites! With the most popular, and the newest products all available in bulk, we’ve got you covered. We don’t just stock Cadbury chocolate, either. We’ve got a mouth-watering selection of other brands – and we’re sure we’ll have your favourite! From Nestle brands to Lindt and American brands like Hershey’s, plus vegan options like the award-winning Dirty Cow range, we’ve got you covered.

            We’re proud of our range of bulk sweets and chocolates, as it lets you enjoy wholesale value from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions, however, feel free to contact our team and we’ll gladly help you out!