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            Stockley's Winter Nips Jar 2.7kg
            £23.50 inc. VAT
            Barratt Hard Liquorice - 75 x 15.5g Sticks
            £21.47 inc. VAT
            Jakemans Throat & Chest Jar 2.7kg
            £19.55 inc. VAT
            Taveners Pontefract Cakes - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £13.91 inc. VAT
            Lion Liquorice Gums 2kg
            £17.75 inc. VAT
            Maxilin Liquorice Flyers 75g
            £12.59 inc. VAT
            Royale Liquorice Twists  - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £17.39 inc. VAT
            Barratt Liquorice Wands Box - 75 Sweets
            £21.47 inc. VAT
            Stockley's Liquorice Fudge Tub 2kg
            £14.39 inc. VAT
            Stockley's Liquorice & Aniseed 3kg
            £15.59 inc. VAT