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            Mike & Ike Jolly Joes - 12 x 120g Boxes
            £26.29 inc. VAT
            Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs - 1 x 1.7kg Jar
            £15.83 inc. VAT
            Vimto Bon Bons - 12 x 140g Bags
            £11.39 inc. VAT
            Vimto Giant Cable Sweets 6kg

            Vimto Giant Cable Sweets 6kg

            1 x 6kg Box (80 Sweets)
            £28.19 inc. VAT
            Arizona Fruit Punch - 6 x 500ml Bottles
            £7.79 inc. VAT
            Millions Vimto Jar 2.27kg
            £23.39 inc. VAT
            Stockley's Blackcurrant & Liquorice 3kg
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Vimto Original Lollipops Jar
            £10.68 inc. VAT
            Vimto Roller Licker Liquid Candy 60ml
            £11.15 inc. VAT
            Vimto Candy Spray - 15 x 25ml Sprays
            £11.50 inc. VAT

            Purple Candy

            There are so many popular sweets and flavours that happen to be purple, that in a spread of purple candy there is bound to be a treat that means something to everyone! With so many juicy fruity flavours, such as grape, plum and blackcurrant sweets, there are purple picks for every mood. Plus, you’ll find classics like Swizzels Parma Violets and a wide range of Vimto sweets. There is sure to be a purple sweet that gets you licking your lips.

            Types of Purple Sweets

            With the wide array of flavours that lend themselves to the colour, purple sweets can take any form! You’ll find from giant cables to boiled sweets and even candy floss – all available in bulk, right here at Wholesale Sweets.

            Chews and Millions

            For many sweet lovers, the quintessential purple sweets will be chews of some kind. Vimto lends it’s fruity flavour to so many great treats, but for many the ones that stand above the rest are the Chew Bars! Taking on the iconic chewiness of Swizzels’ Chew Bars, these are brilliant purple sweets to sink your teeth into!

            It’s not right to mention chewy sweets and not include Millions, is it?! The little delights may be small, but they pack a lot of chewiness! You can find purple Millions in two mouth-watering flavours at Wholesale Sweets! We have Millions Blackcurrant Buzz available in both Taper Gift Jars and much bigger bulk 2.27kg jars. The delicious Millions Vimto Jar is great bulk value, too, whilst you can get both flavours in a bulk bag along with 25 individual tubes. These are ideal for birthday parties, as you can give everyone their own dose of the Millions magic in their party bags!

            Parma Violets

            It may not be everybody’s favourite, but the perfumed flavour of Parma Violets is iconic. Such a light and fragrant taste, the little purple violet sweets are delightful candies that are fantastically nostalgic! If you’re having a themed party, or just love the sweets from the good old days, Parma Violets are just the ticket. In our range you’ll not only find the traditional mini rolls, but Giant Parma Violets, too! With exactly the same taste, just bigger, these make lovely gifts for Parma Violets fanatics!

            Purple Retro Sweets

            The most delicious treats truly stand the test of time. And when you think of classic purple sweets, your mind will naturally wander to things like Royale Blackcurrant & Liquorice Humbugs. Individually wrapped and combining a hard fruity shell with a chewy liquorice centre, these will remind you of retro sweet shops and the good old liquorice and blackcurrant sweets each time.

            Another flavour combination that is strong with nostalgia, dandelion and burdock sweets are just as tasty today as they’ve ever been. The Barnetts Fizzy Dandelion & Burdock Jar is not only filled with old school magic, but it also brings the feel of the sweet shop into your sweet collection! The same can be said of the Vimto Bon Bons Jar – adding a modern twist to the pick n mix classic!

            Chocolate Purple Sweets

            Whilst there’s a wide selection of fruity purple sweets, there are plenty of exciting chocolatey options, too. Granted, these are mostly in purple wrapping rather than the sweets themselves, but they are delicious choices nonetheless.

            The Walker’s Nonsuch Milk Chocolate Covered Toffee is a brilliant addition to any collection of sweets. With their chewy toffee centre and milk chocolate coating, they’re a fantastically tasty treat. With each one individually wrapped, they are great for homemade gifts and will be a hit on any sweet table!

            Other chocolatey options include a massive bulk box of the Quality Street Purely Purple Ones. The milk chocolates with a caramel and whole hazelnut centre are one of the most popular treats from the Quality Street selection. Their bright purple wrapping will look great in any spread, too.

            Beech’s Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight is an indulgent treat that makes a perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth! The floral rose flavour is unique and is only enhanced by the smooth addition of milk chocolate. Thanks to the beautifully designed tray, you’ll have no qualms gifting them!

            Other Purple Sweets

            As with all sweets, there are some purple picks that’re exciting and were thought up outside the box! A great example of this is the Vimto Roller Licker! With a liquid Vimto candy beneath a roller, licking this particular treat is a unique treat to say the least!

            The Sweet & Sour Double Spray is another creative sweet! With three flavour combinations – each paring a sweet and sour – these are one of a kind. With fruity flavour liquid candy you spray right into your mouth, this fun treat is sure to be loved by kids of all ages.

            Dietary Friendly Purple Sweets

            Just because you’re choosing sweets of a specific colour, that doesn’t mean that your options are limited. Within our range of purple treats there are options to cater for a whole range of dietary requirements. From vegan purple sweets like the Vimto Chew Bars, to Sweetzone’s halal Blackcurrant Pencils, there are mouth-watering options for all diets. There are the Royale Sugar Free Blackcurrant & Liquorice for those who want to avoid the sugar, too.

            Any Questions?

            If you’re planning an event or making a fantastic sweet gift, picking a colour for your theme is a brilliant way to the sweets pop! As you can see, there’s no limit to the options you have – even if you stick to just one colour! Here at Wholesale Sweets you can find all of your favourite sweets organised by colour. Whether its about purple sweets or anything else we stock, if you have any questions, just get in touch with our team and we’ll help you out.