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            Galaxy Fudge - 1 x 110g Gift Box
            £2.80 inc. VAT
            Galaxy Minstrels - 40 x 42g Bags
            £26.51 inc. VAT
            Galaxy Smooth Caramel - 24 x 48g Bars
            £15.95 inc. VAT
            Galaxy Counters Chocolate - 15 x 122g Bags
            £21.11 inc. VAT
            Galaxy Ripple 3 Pack - 29 x 99g Multipacks
            £32.51 inc. VAT
            Galaxy Ripple - 36 x 33g Bars
            £24.11 inc. VAT

            Why is Galaxy Chocolate So Creamy?

            Galaxy chocolate is loved for a host of reasons, but without doubt, its signature creaminess is the biggest draw. When the brand launched way back in 1960, its signature creaminess was key to its success. It’s achieved by one of the first steps of the manufacturing process, where the chocolate is finely milled to miniscule levels. It’s because of this that Galaxy can make chocolate with a smooth, silky texture.

            Types of Galaxy Chocolate

            Over the years, there have been numerous mouth-watering additions to the family of Galaxy chocolate. From snack-sized delights to filled bars and new diet-friendly options, there’s a Galaxy chocolate to rock everyone’s world! We all have our favourite Galaxy bar, whether that’s a specific flavour or simply a big Galaxy bar, you’ll find what your heart desires here at Wholesale Sweets!

            Galaxy Ripple

            First to join the classic milk chocolate bar, the Galaxy Ripple brings fine pleats of the signature smooth chocolate to the party. The lightness of the crumbly fingers compliments the silken Galaxy chocolate and delivers just the type of luxurious treat that we all love and expect from the brand. A bulk case of Galaxy Ripple 3 Packs is the perfect way to stock up on the delightful bars and enjoy great wholesale value. From a lunchbox treat to something sweet with a hot drink, there’s never a bad time for a Ripple!

            Galaxy Truffles

            Combining a velvety smooth truffle with a suave coat of their signature chocolate, Galaxy Truffles are a true sweet luxury. The Galaxy Milk Chocolate Truffles Gift Box is a deliciously sophisticated treat that fits in whatever the occasion. Whether you give them as a gorgeous gift or share them with loved ones, you know that these are going to be met with a smile.

            Galaxy Minstrels

            A real favourite among Galaxy fans, Minstrels take the indulgently smooth chocolate and turn it into a teasingly moreish snack. The little buttons of Galaxy chocolate are coated in a crispy shell and are a British favourite. Whether you want Minstrels for a big night in or a special treat to yourself, there are several bags on offer!

            Galaxy Caramel

            Introduced in 1994, the Galaxy Smooth Caramel bars offer a sweet and smooth centre that complements the iconic chocolate fantastically. The combination of the creamy chocolate and the caramel makes for a seriously indulgent Galaxy bar! Available in a range of sizes, there’s a Galaxy Smooth Caramel bar for whenever you feel for it.

            Vegan Galaxy Chocolate

            Sharing the same smooth texture as the original Smooth Bar, Galaxy’s vegan chocolate range is a work of genius that means anyone can enjoy velvety chocolate. Packed in recyclable cardboard boxes, the free-from Galaxy chocolate bars are made with dairy alternatives and come in a range of mouth-watering flavours. Those looking for a zesty bar will love the Vegan Smooth Orange Bars, whilst the Vegan Crumbled Cookie offers a delightful crunch. Always a popular flavour, the Vegan Caramel and Sea Salt Bars are a moreish treat that will surely hit the spot.

            Galaxy Counters

            Little pieces of luscious Galaxy chocolate designed to melt in your mouth, Counters are a soothing chocolate treat that is like nothing else. Delightfully smooth and creamy, Galaxy counters deliver a mouthful of chocolate bliss. Available in treat bags or bigger bags for sharing, there’s never a bad time for Counters! On their packaging, it says that Counters are pieces of pure chocolate pleasure, and that isn’t wrong!

            Whatever your favourite member of the delicious Galaxy chocolate family, you’ll find them all here at Wholesale Sweets. Just like any of our other stock, you can enjoy bulk value and we’ll deliver it straight to your door. If you have any questions about any of our stock, from pick n mix sweets to the most popular chocolate, reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help you out!