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            White Mini Marshmallows - 1 x 1kg Bag
            £6.83 inc. VAT
            Hannah's Snowies - 1 x 3kg Box
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Alma Fish n Chips Tub - 120 Sweets
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Hannah's Fish & Chips - 1 x 3kg Box
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Swizzels Crystal Mints - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £14.15 inc. VAT
            Alma Mega Snowies Tub - 120 Sweets
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Barratt Milk Bottles - 12 x 150g Bags
            £11.99 inc. VAT
            Alma Skull Crushers Tub - 120 Sweets
            £4.31 inc. VAT
            Hannah's White Mice - 1 x 3kg Box
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Gibb After Dinner Mints - 1 x 2kg Jar
            £21.83 inc. VAT
            Hannah's Giant White Mice - 1 x 3kg Box
            £15.59 inc. VAT
            Royale Kendal Mint Cake  - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £21.47 inc. VAT
            Stockley's Mintoes 3kg
            £17.99 inc. VAT

            White candy

            With such a wide range of delicious white sweets available, you’ll be able to find what you need for any occasion, right here at Wholesale Sweets. From white chocolate to gummy sweets and hard candies, such as mints and white stick candy, you’re spoilt for choice.

            You’ll find options that are ideal for all themes. With a blend of different shapes, we have white candy that will suit any theme, whilst the bulk sweets also offer incredible value and are a great way to stock up.

            There are all kinds of white sweets from the biggest brands. Whether it’s retro favourites from Swizzels, creamy white chocolate from Alma or chewy treats from Haribo, you’ll find your favourites right here!

            White Marshmallows

            White is the classic colour for a marshmallow, so it’ll be no surprise that we’ve got a range of them. The Vanilla Mini Marshmallows from Let’s Bake & Decorate are ideal for keen bakers to top their creations, whilst you can also crown a creamy hot chocolate with them.

            Haribo may not be known for marshmallows, but their Chamallows are top quality, super soft marshmallows that’re as delicious as you’d expect them to be. We also have Haribo Fried Eggs, of Starmix fame, for those who prefer to chew something a little firmer. This bulk bag of is a great value way to top up of your favourite sweets, or even a sweet table!

            White Chocolate Sweets

            White chocolate truly is an indulgence – it’s something many people really savour. It’s the sweetest and creamiest kind of chocolate and, understandably, has lots of admirers.

            The Kingsway Snowies are a standout white chocolate treat. The little buttons, topped with a crunchy candy, are essentially white chocolate Jazzies. They’re a pick n mix favourite and their colourful topping will brighten up any sweet selection.

            It’s safe to say that White Chocolate Mice are a retro favourite. The beauty of these mice is that, just like a chocolate bar, you get a solid chunk to bite into! Alma’s tub of them provides plenty for any event, but also allows you to keep your mice fresh. These are ideal for a sweet table or for adding some white chocolate nostalgia to your home stash.

            Given their shape and their white foil wrapping, the Ivory Chocolate Hearts are perfect wedding chocolates. Whether you put them in wedding favours or on a sweet cart, you can’t go wrong with them!

            Other White Sweets

            The colour combinations of white sweets are just as varied as the flavour and shapes. You’ll find things like fried eggs, which are obviously yellow and white, whilst the Alma Skull Crushers are spooky pink and white sweets.

            You’ll also find white sweets with multi-coloured details, like the Kingsway Gobstoppers and the Zed Candy Terror Eyes Bubblegum Balls, which all have a different coloured design. Then, of course, there’s the box of Hannah’s White Chocolate Jazzles. Like the milk chocolate Jazzles sweets, these are topped with a bright candy topping that adds both colour and crunch.

            We also have a selection of retro, individually wrapped white sweets, with a variety of red, blue and yellow wrapping.

            White Sweets Pick n Mix

            You might not have a pick and mix stand at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your favourites! Bulk bags of pick n mix sweets are by far and away the best value way to stock up. There are countless options, ranging from mints and chocolate to Swizzels Milk Bottles and even Yoghurt Coated Raisins.

            Whatever your taste in pick and mix sweets, there are plenty of white options. So if you’re sticking to a theme, or just want to lighten up a sweet table, you needn’t worry!

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, we work hard so you can enjoy the best of the wholesale shopping experience from the comfort of your home! So, if you’re looking for sweets white, red, purple or any other colour, we’ve got you covered. We also stock American candy, your favourite chocolate or baking toppers – we’ve got great value options that we’ll deliver to your door! If you have any questions about any of our products, or delivery options, contact our team and we’ll help you out!