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            Aero Hazelnut - 15 x 90g Bars
            £19.19 inc. VAT
            Aero Peppermint Mint Chocolate - 14 x 4 Packs
            £18.35 inc. VAT
            Aero Melts Milk Chocolate - 8 x 92g Bags
            £10.31 inc. VAT
            Aero Milk Chocolate Bar - 24 x 36g Bars
            £16.67 inc. VAT
            Aero Milk Chocolate  - 15 x 90g Bars
            £16.67 inc. VAT
            Aero Bubbly Milk Chocolate - 14 x 4 Packs
            £18.35 inc. VAT

            What Chocolate is Aero?

            We all know what Aero chocolate is, don’t we? It’s a popular Nestle classic and has been a hit ever since it was introduced in 1935. The classic bar takes delightfully smooth milk chocolate and adds little bubbles to help it melt in the mouth! Obviously, there are other flavours, too, with new exciting additions joining the original bubbly bar made purely from milk chocolate.

            What Are the Bubbles in Aero Chocolate Made From?

            Well, the bubbles that make Aero chocolate so meltingly tasty are made of air. Just normal air! Using their patented method, the chocolate mix is heated and aerated to get those signature bubbles. It’s because of these little pockets of air that the Aero chocolate melts on your tongue and is such a soothing chocolate experience.

            Types of Aero Chocolate

            Whilst the signature of Aero chocolate is the bubbly texture, there are a range of uplifting little treats in the Aero family. From classic Aero bars to exciting sharable and snacking options, there’s something for any occasion! Our selection is full of brilliantly bubbly choices, including Aero Bubbles, Melts and the classic milk chocolate bar.

            Aero Bubbles

            The appropriately named Aero Bubbles are little chocolate treats that are as round as they are moreish! Using the same floaty chocolate recipe that Aero always have, these delightfully bubbly little balls are a delicious sharing option for the whole family. The Aero Bubbles Peppermint Mint Bags showcase one of the most popular Aero flavours in this delicious snack form.

            Mint Aero

            Adding a fresh take on the classic milk chocolate bars, the mint Aero flavour was first introduced in 1959 and was only available in the Midlands initially. Since then it has gone on to establish itself as an iconic member of the Aero family, with its milk chocolate and peppermint flavours winning plenty of admirers. Today, there are more mint Aero treats than ever before! From classic Aero Peppermint Mint Chocolate Bars to Bubbles and even Dark & Milk Peppermint Bars there is a refreshing Aero pick for everyone!

            Aero Melts

            The beautiful Aero Melts apply the bubbly chocolate to little chocolate buttons. A single aerated button may just be the smoothest and lightest way to enjoy smooth milk chocolate! Not only are these delights available in the traditional Milk Chocolate Share Bags, but we have them in indulgent caramel flavour, too.

            Caramel Aero

            With a caramel-flavour chocolate centre, Aero’s caramel chocolate is a truly unique and delicious treat. Available in a range of different forms, there are caramel Aero treats for any occasion. From Aero Bubbly Caramel Chocolate multipacks to bigger share bars and Aero Melts, the joys of caramel Aero chocolate can be enjoyed however you like!

            White Chocolate Aero

            Probably the sweetest of all the Aero chocolate bars, the Aero Creamy White Milk Chocolate Bar is a hugely popular way to enjoy the chocolatey bubbles! A milk chocolate coating with a bubbly white chocolate centre, this creamy blend is chocoholic heaven. This mouth-watering flavour combination is available in Melts too, for the creamiest bubbly chocolate treat!

            The light and bubbly chocolate of the Aero family is in a class all its own. With our delicious range of Aero chocolates, there is an exciting chocolate choice for everyone! But our massive stock includes all kinds of other chocolate, too. So whatever your favourite bar is, you’ll find it here at Wholesale Sweets!