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            Sweetzone Mega Stix - 1 x 1kg Bag
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            Toxic Waste Original - 1 x 3kg Bag
            £27.59 inc. VAT
            Sweetzone Fruity Hearts - 1 x 805g Tub
            £5.59 inc. VAT
            Sweetzone Party Mix - 1 x 1kg Bag
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            Halal Sweets

            Lots of delicious sweets are made using animal products. Halal sweets are no exception, but they only use products that are in line with halal processes. Here at Wholesale Sweets, we have a huge halal selection of confectionary for you to enjoy ­– so jump right in!

            What Sweets are Halal?

            The list of halal sweets is huge. From classic pick n mix to chocolates, you’ll be able to find wholesale halal sweets easily. A wide range of manufacturers are now making more halal sweets than ever. If it is made using certified ingredients, any candy can be halal. It has never been easier to satisfy your sweet tooth with halal-approved sweets!

            Wholesale Halal Sweets

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, we have a fantastic selection of halal sweets from big brands like Sweetzone! All of their sweets are halal, and their massive range covers all kinds of wholesale goodies! We at Wholesale Sweets are proud to present such a tasty selection of halal products! From Crazy Candy Factory Strawberry Lances to Zed Candy Sour Jawbreakers, there’s so much choice to pick from!

            Halal Sweet Tubs

            With such a huge array of halal certified pick n mix sweets, you’ll find so many tubs which are ideal for sharing at parties and gatherings or even at a movie night! Whether you like the punch of fizzy blue bottles or something sweeter like juicy berries, our stock has something for you. There are novelty picks like Yellow Bellies and there are pencils in raspberry and strawberry flavours among many more. You’ll also find classic sweets like red lips and fried eggs to have a little fun with loved ones.

            Best Halal Sweets

            Halal sweets cover a wide range, so we have a big choice of them. But more on that later! There isn't a specific type of sweet that is better for halal. Anyone's favourite sweets can be halal - it depends on how they're made and what goes in them. Just as it does with vegan and other dietary-specific sweets! So, the best halal sweets contain everything from pick n mix favourites to gummy and jelly sweets and many classic sweets, too.

            Halal Pick n Mix

            Jelly sweets can be tricky when it comes to being halal. And with the popularity of jellies on a pick n mix stand, finding halal options could be tricky. But our vast choice includes so many halal sweets that you’ll have no problem! With choices like Sweetzone Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles, you can get a halal fix of classic pick n mix favourites. They also offer tubs of Rainbow Belts and Yellow Bellies that are absolutely halal-certified. You’ll also find favourites from other brands like Crazy Candy Factory and Kingsway. Whatever your taste, you’ll easily be able to make an awesome halal pick n mix!

            Halal Gummies

            Given the use of gelatine in jelly and gummy sweets, finding halal choices might seem like a slippery slope. But it isn’t. You’ll find so many halal sweets that specifically only use beef gelatine and are safe for a Muslim diet. Lots of Sweetzone’s pick n mix tubs are halal-certified gummies. From Watermelon Slices to 3D Hearts and Mini Frogs, there are so many possibilities!

            Halal Classics

            There are plenty of sweetshop favourites that are halal certified. Kingsway Gobstoppers are a classic that’s totally fine, and even Crazy Candy Factory Strawberry Laces are halal-approved! You’ll also find halal mini marshmallows and flying saucers. Whether you just love old candy or fancy a trip down memory lane, there will be halal sweets that fit the bill.

            Any Questions?

            At Wholesale Sweets, we want to live in a world where every sweet is met with a smile. Being clear on dietary requirements is a good way to achieve this! That’s why our website gives you the option to filter pages by dietary requirements and lifestyle. Each product page will have information on who it is suitable for. Look out for the halal badge that signifies halal-certified sweets!

            Hopefully we’ve already answered all your questions about halal certified sweets. But if for whatever reason you have any queries at all, reach out to the Wholesale Sweets team and we will be more than happy to help!