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            Haribo Goldbears - 12 x 140g Bags
            £12.59 inc. VAT
            Jameson's Chocolate Caramels Jar 1.5kg
            £24.11 inc. VAT

            Gold Wrapped Sweets and Chocolate

            Gold coloured sweets are a timeless classic. Whether you’re looking for novelty or luxury, there is sure to be a gold chocolate or sweet that’s fit for the occasion. Our Golden Bear Milk Chocolates and Kinnerton Milk Chocolate Gold Foiled Eggs are brilliant for Christmas and Easter, whilst there’s a wide variety of other shapes, too. So, you can find foil-wrapped chocolate for any event from kids’ birthday parties to weddings!

            Here at Wholesale Sweets you’ll be able to find big brands in bulk, too! Whether you’re a fan of Hershey’s, Reese’s or Lindt Lindor, there are some delicious branded bulk chocolates. These are for parties and are a delicious way to add some sweet sparkle to any event.

            Gold Chocolate Coins

            These have long been a favourite with people of all ages – chocolate gold coins are amazing for so many reasons. They’re brilliant for birthday party bags, homemade gift boxes and many more situations besides. Plus, you can’t beat the satisfaction of peeling away the foil and freeing the chocolate! With fun options such as the Kingsway Pirate Gold Milk Chocolate Coins and Gold Milk Chocolate Coins, you get amazing designs and delicious chocolate. Not only are they a lovely addition to parties, but they’re sweet treats for little ones and chocoholics alike.

            Eclairs Toffee

            Chewy toffee filled with creamy milk chocolate; gold-wrapped chocolate eclairs are a sweetshop classic. Loved by sweets fans of all ages, these retro favourites are brilliant bulk sweets. Walkers’ Nonsuch are famous for their creamy and delightfully chewy toffee, and their Milk Chocolate Eclairs are a real indulgence that will add to any sense of occasion. We also have top quality Sugar Free Eclairs from Royale available in bulk, as well as Taveners’ traditionally made Chocolate Eclairs.

            Yet another delicious gold-wrapped delight, the Lutti Carachoc Chocolate Caramels offer a rich caramel centre with a milk chocolate coating. So, they’re sort of like an inside out éclair – and they’re equally hard to resist! Whether they’re on a shelf in a sweet jar or out at a party, they’ll prove to be a hit.

            Gold Wedding Favour Sweets

            Gold wrapped sweets are a beautiful colour for weddings. It helps create a sense of grandeur and helps to make the day feel special! For any occasion where romance is in the air, the heart is a go to shape. Therefore, these wholesale Gold Chocolate Hearts are perfect. Whether you box them up, sit them on the table or add them to a sweet table, these are charming chocolates for weddings.

            If you want to add to the air of luxury, look no further than the Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Truffles. These creamy, decadent truffles are fit for any occasion. Everyone will be excited when they see them and buying in bulk will ensure that you have plenty to go around – and probably some for your honeymoon, too! With their gold foil wrapping, these lush truffles can even be used as part of your table decorations!

            Obviously, gold isn’t the only colour suited to a wedding. Our range of wedding favour confectionery is designed to help inspire you! We have a wide range of sweets, treats and chocolates that are perfect for saying thank you to guests on your big day.

            As with sweets of any other colour, all of our golden treats offer fantastic wholesale value. Whatever bulk sweets you are looking for, we will deliver the best of the wholesale shopping experience directly to your door! If you have any questions about any of our gold sweets range, or anything else for that matter, contact our team and we will happily help you out!