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            Maltesers Chocolate Bags 37g
            £26.51 inc. VAT

            What are Maltesers?

            We all know what Maltesers are, don’t we? The light and delicious treats have been with us since 1937 and have gone on to become one of the most beloved members of the Mars family. The crunchy malted treats are in a league of their own and have are a something we all feel for every once in a while!

            One of the defining features of Maltesers is not only that they’re as moreish as anything can be, but that they’re so delightfully round. It’s a simple touch, but a thoroughly enjoyable one! The process of how they end up so round is a totally mesmerising one, too. Well, the malty centres are cooked in little balls which are then coated in chocolate using a technique called ‘panning’. This involves the centres being tumbled constantly in a pan as melted chocolate is added to coat them. Both the speed and the amount of chocolate has to be carefully monitored to make sure the Maltesers come out just the way we like them.

            Traditionally launched with a malt centre and a milk chocolate outer layer, there are now more flavours and variations in the Maltesers range than ever before. Dark Chocolate Maltesers offer a rich counterpart to the creamy classic, whilst Maltesers Buttons Orange Chocolate are zesty pieces of chocolate punctuated with that classic malty crunch. Their range has even expanded into the luxurious world of chocolate truffles. Perfect for sharing or gifting to your nearest and dearest Malteser lovers, you can beat a box of Maltesers Truffles!

            Types of Maltesers

            For many people, you can’t improve upon the original Maltesers recipe. As we briefly mentioned, there are now more choices than ever before! Alongside the original, you now have the pick of chocolate bars, truffles and buttons to satisfy your craving for Maltesers! Whether you’re looking for a little treat or something for a grand occasion, we’ve got you covered.

            Classic Maltesers

            The original Malteser has been with us for such a long time now, that we can’t imagine life without it! Still offering the same iconic blend of its light and crunchy centre and smooth chocolate layer, there are several ways to get your fix! From Maltesers Chocolate Bags that are ideal snacks to the bigger Maltesers Gift Boxes that make sharing and gifting easy, there’s a classic choice for any occasion. Plus, as winter rolls around, there’s the joy of white chocolate Maltesers. Yep, as a Christmas treat, the white Maltesers festive specials are certainly worth looking out for!

            Maltesers Teasers Bars

            Celebrations bring together a selection of the most popular chocolates – and it’s no surprise that there’s a Maltesers representative in there. After many years of being only in the Celebrations, the Maltesers Teasers launched a solo career. It’s been a while since the chocolate laced with mini malty bits has been available in bigger forms, but it’s still just as exciting! The Maltesers Teasers Chocolate Bars offer the same thrill as the smaller versions found in Celebrations – in a welcome bigger portion!

            Maltesers Truffles

            Much like the Teasers bars, mini malty balls add the signature Malteser flavour and crunch to their truffles. The smoothest member of the family, Maltesers Truffles are perfect for gifting and sharing with loved ones. For the biggest fans, there’s also the Large Gift Box. Because y’know, you can never have too many truffles…

            Maltesers Buttons

            With their button shape and a range of flavours, the Maltesers Buttons brought something new to the line-up. The chocolate shapes are available in the classic Milk Chocolate flavour, as well as Dark Chocolate and Orange Chocolate flavours. Each given that signature malty crunchiness thanks to tiny bubbles throughout each and every button.

            Other Great Brands Sweets

            Here at Wholesale Sweets, we adore Maltesers. But we love all kinds of other sweets and chocolates, too! That’s why we’ve worked so hard to build a range of the biggest and best brands from around the world. Whether you’re feeling for pick n mix, retro sweets or American candy superstars, we’ve got all the names you love. From Haribo to Cadbury and many more, we’ve got all the biggest brands here at Wholesale Sweets!

            Whether you’re looking for sweets or chocolate of any kind, our goal is to provide you with the best of the wholesale shopping experience. All of the delights we stock are available in bulk and offer brilliant value on your favourite sweet treats. Plus, with our UK delivery, you can enjoy the sweets and chocolates you love the most from the comfort of your home in no time. If you have any questions about any of our products or our delivery options, please feel free to contact our team who will be more than happy to help you out!