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            Lindt Lindor Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles Box 200g
            £4.61 inc. VAT
            Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Hazelnut 100g
            £58.31 inc. VAT
            Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Intense Dark 100g
            £45.11 inc. VAT
            Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Smooth 100g
            £58.31 inc. VAT
            Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Robust Dark 100g
            £45.11 inc. VAT
            Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection Box 143g
            £8.20 inc. VAT
            Lindt CRISPY SENSATION Milk Chocolate Crispy Centre - 20 x 140g Pouches
            £65.99 inc. VAT

            What Makes Lindt Special?

            There are so many things that makes Lindt chocolate so special. Since their first solid bar in 1845, Lindt have not only made deliciously smooth chocolate but they helped to redefine the art of the chocolatier! One Friday night in 1979, Rodolphe Lindt left the conching machine turned on and it churned the chocolate throughout the whole weekend. The chocolate he found on Monday morning was the opposite of the firm and bitter chocolate that everyone else was making at the time. His experimenting had paid off, as the unbelievably smooth chocolate was like nothing that had come before it! Lindt revolutionised the chocolate-making process with their conching technique and their unique chocolate. The conching process is used today by chocolate manufacturers the world over.

            Lindt chocolate is still uniquely smooth and has won the hearts of adoring chocoholics the world over. Across their range, their signature smoothness shines through – with more flavours than ever! The chocolate is so luxuriously silky that it makes a perfect gift for friends, family, and even yourself…

            The Lindt Chocolates Range

            Today, the Lindt range is comprised of multiple mouth-watering chocolate indulgences. From their signature Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles to the Master Chocolatier Collection Box and everything else in between, there is a Lindt for everyone and every occasion. Alongside their classic milk chocolate, we have a healthy sprinkling of white and dark chocolate options alongside a mix of creative and inventive flavours. You’ll find fruity indulgences to nutty treats – like boxes of delicious Lindt Nuxor – as well as plenty of assortments to satisfy everyone. Their range also includes options that are suitable for those following a vegan diet. With so many bars, truffles and gift boxes available, you can trust Lindt chocolate for a sprinkle of magic whatever the occasion!

            Lindt Lindor Truffles

            Introduced in 1949, Lindt Lindor was initially a chocolate bar with a melting centre. It wasn’t until Christmas of 1969 that the Lindt truffles became spherical in a bid to look more like a festive bauble! Following Christmas they left the range and there was uproar from chocolate lovers. Shortly after they returned and have been with us ever since!

            Within our range, we have plenty of choices of the classic red-foiled milk chocolate Lindor. As well as gift cartons and boxes, we have the Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles Sharing Bag 1kg. These are a fantastic sharing option for a larger group and make a sumptuous gift for the whole office!

            We also stock a selection of delicious flavours that will excite every Lindor fan. From suave Salted Caramel to the zesty Orange Chocolate Lindor Truffles there is a Lindor to suit any occasion. With even bigger wholesale 10kg bags, you can have great value luxury chocolates at your wedding or big party.

            Lindt Excellence Bars

            For those who like rich chocolate with high cacao content, the Lindt Excellence bars are perfect. The Excellence 85% Cocoa Robust Dark Chocolate Bar is a powerful and tart option that’s a true delight. There are also 70% and 85% cocoa bars, meaning there’s something for any dark chocolate lover!

            Just like they have with the rest of their range, the Swiss chocolatiers have worked delicious flavours into their rich, dark chocolate bars. The Excellence Dark Orange Intense Bar is a popular example of yet another masterful indulgence in the Lindt range.

            Lindt Selection Boxes

            With so many luxurious chocolates within their range, Lindt’s chocolate is a hugely popular gift for any sweet lover. Whilst the whole Lindt range is luxurious enough to give as a gift, we’d say that their selection boxes are the best way to go. Offering a range of delicious chocolate treats, they’re a rewarding way to enjoy the smoothness of Lindt’s chocolate.

            Expertly produced using the traditions of Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers, the Swiss Luxury Selection Box provides a delectable array of pralines. The finest ingredients come together in a collection of 14 pralines containing the smoothness of Lindt’s milk chocolate, as well as their sweet white and rich dark chocolate. This box is a fine gift that any chocolate connoisseur will adore.

            If you’re hosting a party or having guests over for dinner, the Lindt Creation Dessert Box is an exceptional sweet treat. It includes 21 joyous Lindt chocolates that are sure to go down a treat after a meal, with a hot drink or any time, for that matter! Utilising mouth-watering Lindt chocolate, the treats take inspiration from Caramel Eclairs, Crème Brûlée and Tiramisu among others. It goes without saying that these not only make brilliant party additions, but they’re fantastic gifts, too.

            Vegan Lindt Chocolate

            Lindt’s master chocolatiers are practised in making the finest and most sumptuous chocolate of all kinds. One of the newest additions to their range are their vegan chocolate options! Not only can vegans enjoy luscious Lindt chocolate, but they have a choice of two free-from flavours. How exactly do they replicate the smooth delights of the regular Lindt bar, without the same ingredients? Well, the Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Smooth is made using cocoa, almond paste and oat drink powder of all things. The Classic Recipe Vegan Hazelnut is made in exactly the same way, except it has the added crunch of hazelnut pieces! Whether you want a free-from snack or are planning on a spot of vegan baking, these bars offer everything you expect from any Lindt chocolate – but no animal products. Obviously, they’re suitable for vegetarians, too!

            Other Lindt Chocolate

            So, we’ve covered the classics and newer additions to the Lindt range – but there is still plenty more to offer! One of their most unique treats is their Milk Chocolate Golf Balls. These milk chocolate treats with a hazelnut filling are perfect gifts for the avid golfer in your life. Each of the trio of chocolate and hazelnut pralines are wrapped in a white foil design and truly looks the part!

            For those who love Lindt Lindor, but also enjoy chocolate bars, this is the perfect treat for you! The Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Bar takes the recipe that makes Lindor truffles so irresistible and transforms it into a delicate, indulgent chocolate bar. Within their range, you’ll also find a pair of irresistible spreads. Depending on your taste, either the Lindt Dark Chocolate Spread or the Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is the perfect way to start your morning with some smooth chocolatey magic!

            Want More Options?

            If you just can’t get enough of the delicious chocolate, our Lindt chocolate bulk buys are the best way to get great chocolate and amazing value. However, here at Wholesale Sweets, our range extends well beyond our delicious range of Lindt wholesale products. We understand the appeal that all different kinds of treats hold for our customers. That’s why we stock the biggest and most popular brands across our giant arsenal of bulk sweets and chocolate! From your beloved Kingsway pick n mix to Cadbury chocolate bars and your favourite Haribo sweets, we’ve got your favourites at great wholesale value. We’re always working hard to ensure you can enjoy the best of the wholesale shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about any of our stock or UK delivery options, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team.