Sweet Jars

Sweet Jars

A super selection of jars of sweets available to buy wholesale NOW

Buy sweet jars wholesale TODAY and give your customers treat after treat after treat...

Chocolate Limes, Kola Bricks, Sherbet Lemons, Barley Sugars, and not forgetting that good old traditional favourite: Black & White Humbugs! Wow. What baffles the UK Sweets team is how any confectioner with a shop full of brimming sweet jars resists delving into the jars for the odd treat throughout the day!? But, seriously...

Here, we understand that selling sweets and other types of confectionery from a high street shop or online store can be a different kettle of fish to selling sweets wholesale online, which UK Sweets leads the market in. In short, we'll 'do' the wholesale sweets if you do the shop selling! Let us keep you stocked up all-year-round in jars of sweets: sweet jars that are strong, clear, the right size, stable, easily storable, and all available to buy from us in bulk at prices we think you'll like. And remember, we offer FREE SAME DAY DISPATCH on all orders placed before midday.

Jakemans and Royale Sweet Jars – you’ve simply gotta have those!

Arguably the two biggest in names in jarred sweets are Jakemans and Royale. These are sweet jar 'legends' in fact, the sweet jar companies other businesses aspire to be. Take a look:

Don't compromise on sweet jars when stocking up your shop. Insist on giving your loyal customer-base (and plenty of new customers) the very best in jarred sweets: great tasting and satisfying sweets from a Jakemans and/or Royale Sweet Jar.

Wholesale sweet jars with something for everyone to suck on, slurp on, savour and swallow, like there’s no time to lose, no sweet jar tomorrow!!!

Choosing Jakemans means opting for something decidedly fruity. Honey & Lemon, Cherry Menthol, Menthol & Eucalyptus, and delicious Blackcurrant. The Royale range also includes fruity sweets, but the overall selection is much broader, with there being something to suit the taste-buds of every sweet-lover, of any age.

Whichever brand of jarred sweets your customers tend to prefer, they can buy their sweets from you every week, and all-year-round, feeling confident of their consistent quality and feeling equally pleased with the price. Ready to order now? SWEET!

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