Traditional & Retro

Traditional & RetroRemember these, folks? (Prepare yourselves for trip down Memory Lane...) Flying saucer drums, alphabet candy, bonbons, black and white humbugs in a jar, sugar mice... remember all those charming treats from days gone by? Anyone who grew up in Britain decades ago will surely have fond memories of confectionery from yesteryear. If you're a business owner or retailer looking for such delicious delights, you are in luck. Why? Because UK Sweets has a MASSIVE range of tasty Traditional and Retro sweets available to buy, at competitive prices.

Moving with the times, by going backwards!

As a premier sweet supplier, we know what retailers want. We also keep our finger on the pulse of changing trends in confectionery buying. There's no doubt that the revival of interest in Traditional and Retro confectionery is huge: people everywhere are demanding "sweets the way sweets used to be", and UK Sweets has worked hard to help our customers meet their shoppers' demands.

Here at the UK Sweets website you'll find a vast array of premium wholesale Traditional and Retro sweets, including:

As well as:

Boost sales by offering unique goods

We are the UK's largest independent wholesaler & distributer of Traditional and Retro sweets.  Our goods can't easily be purchased in bulk at shops on the high street. A trade account with UK Sweets will allow you to place repeat orders fast and hassle free and you’re in safe hands with us, we have a great track record of your order being correctly and efficiently fulfilled and delivered right to your door on time. Then look forward to filling your shelves with a wide range of exciting confectionery and chocolate and enjoy strong margins by buying in bulk from UK Sweets.

FREE DELIVERY when you spend over £200 (ex. VAT)