Chocolate Shapes

Chocolate Shapes

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How are your chocolate shape sales shaping up?!

Kids and adults alike can get great fun out of chocolate shapes. They just have a way of bringing an instant smile to our faces, don't they? They're also known amongst chocolate retailers as being excellent impulse buys: helping to boost sales throughout the year.

Some chocolate shapes can be purchased and enjoyed all-year-round, while others are for specific seasons: Christmas, Easter, during a football World Cup perhaps where purposely designed chocolate shapes in kit colours and flags are all the rage around the globe... Animal shapes are always in demand, and if there's a particular blockbuster movie smashing box office records, chocolate shapes can be crafted on the back of that.

With all this, it's safe to say that a retailer not offering chocolate shapes amongst its range of offerings may seriously be missing out on an opportunity. Don't do that. Let UK Sweets help you to stock up on all the chocolate shapes you need. Buy in bulk, wholesale, at competitive prices from us, and benefit from FREE SAME DAY DISPATCH by placing your order before midday.

Enjoy taking a look at the different types of chocolate shapes that UK Sweets can supply you with, FAST:

  • Chocolate Coins – 11 terrific types
  • Foiled – an amazing 35 options to choose from

As well as:

  • Unwrapped – 17 great options available to buy TODAY at a great price
Chocolate shapes are great to keep your shelves up to date

We all like a novelty. Enjoying a novelty chocolate shape (or two?) with a cuppa during break-time at home, work or college can be a delight. They also make brilliant affordable gifts for your customers to present to someone they care about, or simply to say Thank You in a quick, simple and fun way.

If your customers don't want to over-indulge, and just want a chocolate treat to keep them going until lunchtime or teatime, they can find a fabulous range of choices at your store. With our help, you can keep updating your selection, to provide your customers with numerous new options and exciting new chocolate novelties to try when they fancy. Parents find chocolate shapes particularly handy for giving as a chocolate treat, but without overdoing things. Chocolate shapes can be given along with a card, too, to add something extra!

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