Check out these traditional chewy treats

Ah, the sweet old bonbon… these chewy balls of sugary sweetness have been a classic form of confectionery since the 17th century and continue to remain in our hearts. It’s with no surprise that bonbons took off immediately upon their release, with consumers loving them so much that they rapidly made their way to the top of the deliciousness charts.

Are you looking to build on your selection of traditional and retro confectionery? If so, you’re guaranteed to find a great selection of bonbons to fill your jars with.

A mouth-watering choice of flavours

Did you know that the classic bonbon comes in a huge range of flavours (and colours) that are perfect for displaying in sweet jars? At UK Sweets, we’re proud to stock some of the best tasting bonbons on the confectionery market. Take your pick from:

  • Sweet strawberry
  • Tangy lemon
  • Tempting toffee
  • Rich chocolate
  • Bold blue raspberry
  • Vivacious Vimto
  • Cool cola
  • And other assortments of flavours

As well as offering a wide choice of flavours, we also stock bonbons from some of the most respected names in the confectionery business including Royale, Tango, Idris, Vimto and Sweet Spot. By choosing to refresh your stock of bonbons with UK Sweets, you can rest assured that you’ll be buying only the highest quality confectionery.

Cater to all generations

Older generations may remember sucking on a harder bonbon in their youth, whilst modern generations enjoy the chewiness of some brands of bonbons. So, why not cater to both audiences? You can stock up on harder or softer bonbons and become a one stop sweet shop.

The bonbon has been one of the most popular sweets for decades, and the obsession with these sugar-dusted balls is showing no signs of slowing down. Are you ready to jump on the bonbon wagon? Then simply register for a trade account with UK Sweets today and start stocking up on a selection of bonbons today.

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