Royale Unwrapped

Royale UnwrappedRoyale unwrapped – perfect for pick n’ mixers and sweet tooth fixers!

If you like to do things the old-fashioned way with a jar, a scoop, some weighing scales and a brown paper bag, having jars full of Royale unwrapped sweets is a no brainer! Royale sweets have remained king of the confectionery world for many years and are, without a doubt, a sweet shop essential for every kind of sweet retailer.

A mixture of classics and contemporary flavours

From the more nostalgic flavours to the new and bold, UK Sweets stock a comprehensive selection of Royale unwrapped confectionery for you to choose from. Fill your shelves with a tempting range of best-selling unwrapped sweet treats from Royale, including:

  • Royale pear drops
  • Royale aniseed balls
  • Royale tutti frutti cubes
  • Royale caramel and custards
  • Royale bubble-gum fizz

What’s great about these flavours in the Royale unwrapped range is that they offer year-round appeal to your shoppers, so we recommend our retailers keep their sweet jars topped up and experiment with rotating their range of Royale unwrapped on offer to build insights into what sells best in their local area.

Unwrapped sweets from Royale are perfect for keeping your confectionery looked fresh and on-trend

If you’re looking to add a little shot of excitement and pep up your shelves, let us help you get inspired. Buy in bulk to help maximise your margins, choose from a wide range of flavours AND take advantage of our competitive trade prices. All you need to do is register for a trade account with us today and you can be on you way to becoming a one stop shop for Royale confectionery fans.


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