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  1. Millions Vimto Multipack Bag 105g
    10 x 105g Sell at £1.00
    ex. VAT £7.49
    Vat 20%

  2. Millions Multipack Mix Bag 115g
    10 x 115g Sell at £1.00
    ex. VAT £7.49
    Vat 20%

  3. Millions Vimto Taper Gift Jar 227g
    1 x 227g Sell at £2.99
    ex. VAT £2.09
    Vat 20%

New sweets can really keep your confectionery display alive, bringing your customers back time and again. As UK Sweets specialises in wholesale confectionery, we are continually introducing new sweets to our online range and we'll highlight the latest additions in this category. 

Children love to find new sweets to buy and there is often a current “craze” in the playground. However, whilst children might be a big focus where new sweets are concerned, don’t discount the grown ups! 

UK Sweets is continually studying the confectionery market to understand what trends are developing and also to try and predict what the next big thing will be. The new sweets that we launch are as a result of this research, coupled with generations of confectionery market experience and trading knowledge. 

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