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Stock up on jars full of handmade crystals and let them work their magic!

If you like to keep things old-school by providing your customers with a magical selection of nostalgic confectionery, your shelves won’t be complete without having jars full of scrumptious sugar crystals from UK Sweets. These tongue-tingling handmade crystals are a classic amongst the confectionery world and are still a popular treat to this day.

A mixture of irresistible flavours to choose from

Whether you’re looking to stock up on staple flavours of handmade crystals, or you’re ready to branch out and provide your customers with more modern tastes, we’ve got a comprehensive range of options for you to choose from. Take your pick from our selection of flavours including:

  • Ravishing raspberry
  • Zingy lime
  • American cream soda
  • Sweet strawberry
  • Cool Kola
  • Bold blackcurrant
  • Zesty lemon

These mouth-watering types of handmade crystal sweets ranging from the retro to the modern are all available to buy in bulk, so you can easily stock up on an array of colourful crystals that’ll look fantastic displayed on your shelves.

Quality and flavour in every crystal

Our range of handmade crystals is sourced from reliable confectionery manufacturers such as Royale, meaning they don’t compromise on taste or quality. If you’re looking to become a one stop shop for confectionery cravings, adding handmade crystals and other boiled sweets to your range can help you expand your customer audience.

Shop online for classic confectionery, the easy way

It’s now effortlessly easy to replenish your shop’s selection of confectionery. Simply register for a trade account today and once your account has been verified, you can browse to your heart’s desire.

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