Fizzballs & Sourballs

Fizzballs & SourballsCater to confectionery thrill seekers with a tongue-tingling range of fizzy and sour sweets

Fizzy and sour sweets have rapidly risen in popularity, and are a great way to appeal to audiences that are looking to get more out of their candy than just flavour. Provide sweet thrill-seekers with a mind-blowing range of fizzballs and sourballs from UK Sweets and capitalise on this tongue tingling trend!

Mouth-watering fizziness

Fizzy and sour sweets have a funny way of making your mouth water, don't they? Probably why some of them have made it into our best-selling range. Our range of fizzballs and sours are sure to get your customers taste buds tingling with anticipation with their inviting colours and crazy flavours. If you're looking to tempt your most adventurous customers with some of the sourest sweets out there, you may be interested in these flavours.

  • Royale fizzballs in blue raspberry
  • Barnetts mega sour apples
  • Royale fizzballs in lemonade
  • Barnetts mega sour cherries

These flavours of fizzballs and sourballs are super intense and will be sure to prompt some hilarious sour faces!

Don't get in a tizzy when it comes to buying fizzy!

UK Sweets have such a large range of fizzy and sour sweets in a great selection of popular flavours. All you need to do to access these balls of sour flavour is register for a trade account with us today. Once you're set up and ready to go, you can browse all we have to offer in our fizzballs and sourballs range, as well as take advantage of our competitive trade prices.

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