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            Stockley's Sherbet Lemons 3kg
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            Crazy Candy Factory Rainbow Swirl Lollipops 55g
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            Hannah's Pink Hearts - 1 x 3kg Box
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            BUBS Sour Octopus - 1 x 2.6kg Box
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            Taveners Pontefract Cakes - 1 x 3kg Bag
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            Hannah's Mega Snowies - 1 x 3kg Box
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            BUBS Banana Mini Ovals - 1 x 3kg Box
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            Barratt Black Jack Chews Box - 400 Chews
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            Hannah's Mega Jazzies - 1 x 3kg Box
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            Hannah's Fish & Chips - 1 x 3kg Box
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            Hannah's White Mice - 1 x 3kg Box
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            What Sweets Are Gelatine-Free?

            There are plenty of options when it comes to gelatine-free sweets, some naturally don't have this ingredient, whereas others use substitutes. Gelatine is a binding agent that comes from pigs and cows, which you normally find in sweets like gummy bears and cola bottles. However, there are loads of plant-based alternatives that do just the same thing. This means that there are more gelatine-free sweets than ever before.

            Of course, there are lots of confectionary options that have always been gelatine-free. Vegan sweets are gelatine-free as they have to use a plant-based alternative for a binding agent, as are vegetarian sweets. But remember, just because a sweet is gelatine-free, doesn't mean it's definitely vegan or vegetarian, there may be other animal-based ingredients.

            We stock a wide range of gelatine-free sweets, including those that naturally don't contain gelatine. You can find chocolates, fizzy, and even chewy sweets in our gelatine-free range.

            What is Used Instead of Gelatine?

            There are several ingredients used instead of gelatine in sweets. Crucially, none of them come from animals! Agar Agar is a popular replacement made from algae, whilst Carrageenan comes from a specific type of seaweed. Pectin and Guar Gum both come from fruit and vegetables. But don’t worry, your sweets won’t taste of algae or veggies, just like sweets with gelatine don't have a meaty taste! Common alternatives used in sweets don’t alter the flavours and are just as effective binding agents.

            Best Gelatine-Free Sweets

            With plant-based alternatives, there are even more gelatine-free options than ever before. We stock a huge range of naturally gelatine-free sweets, as well as those that use a gelatine alternative. Some of our popular types of sweets in this range include:

            Gelatine-Free Gummies

            The first gummy sweets were made with gelatine. It literally held them together. But alternatives are now common, and gelatine-free gummies are everywhere! Classics like Giant Strawberries and Sour Dummies can be gelatine-free and are just as popular and yummy as ever. Newer sweets like Meerkats and Tongue Painters can also be made gelatine-free. Finding gummy sweets is no longer a problem for vegetarians because so many don’t contain gelatine!

            Gelatine-Free Fizzies

            Most fizzy sweets are also gummies. So, it’s no surprise that there are now loads of fantastic gelatine-free fizzies! With Fizzy Cherry Twins, Peach Rings and Melon Slices, there are plenty of fruity options. Other gelatine-free fizzy favourites include teddy bears, cherry cola bottles, and fizzy blue jelly babies. So don’t worry, gelatine-free sweets can still tickle your tastebuds!

            Gelatine-Free Chocolates

            Whilst chocolate may not always be vegan, it is always gelatine-free. In fact, chocolate has never been made with gelatine as it simply doesn't need a binding agent like this. So, you can rest assured your chocolate will always be gelatine-free.

            If you need any help choosing your gelatine-free sweets, reach out to the Wholesale Sweets team and we will be more than happy to help!