ClearanceSpecialists in the supply of wholesale confectionery, there are times when UK Sweets can provide some great one-off deals in order to clear particular stock. We'll add any such deals to this clearance category and when they're gone, they're gone!

There are many reasons why stock might need to be cleared at a low discount price. It might be because the shelf life is close to date compared to standard stock or sometimes it is because the manufacturer has undertaken a pack change and has asked us to clear the old stock at a low price. Discontinued confectionery products will turn up in our clearance category as might seasonal products after the season has ended. 

UK Sweets also occasionally buys in large amounts of clearance confectionery directly from manufacturers and sells it in smaller amounts to retailers and businesses looking for a great deal.

We'll give you full details as to why each product is a clearance confectionery line, so that you can make an informed choice, based on the requirements for your business. This category will change often so please keep an eye on it and buy promptly when you see something of interest - we can never guarantee for how long it will remain available for.