Chews & Chew Bars

Chews & Chew BarsEverybody has specific tasty treats that they love to sink their teeth into. When it comes to providing your customers with a host of great options, UK Sweets is the perfect wholesaler to team up with.

Within our fine range of wholesale sweets, we stock a range of chews and chew bars that offer that desirable texture and great taste.

Our range includes some of the most identifiable sweets on the market, with a number of products from leading brands available.

You can pick up bags, boxes and tubs of chew bars from the likes of Swizzels, Candy Land, Vimto and Wham.

There’s a host of confectionery classics available within this section of our store. You can stock up on Drumstick bars, boxes of Black Jacks, Refresher bars, Starburst and Chewits to name just a few.

Other suppliers in our chew and chew bar range include Barratt, Wonka, Wrigleys, Kingsway and plenty more.

We also have gluten-free, sugar-free and vegetarian options for you to pick from.

UK Sweets offers free delivery on orders over the £200 mark (ex VAT), with an express delivery service also available. 

Be sure to register for an account with UK Sweets and start saving on your wholesale sweets purchases.


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