Candy Floss & Popcorn

Candy Floss & PopcornSeeking something exciting and different for your store? At UK Sweets, we have an excellent range of candy floss and popcorn products available to buy in bulk, helping you offer something new. Candy floss is one of those unique and distinctive sweet offerings synonymous with certain occasions, like fairs or fireworks displays. But we believe you don’t need an occasion to enjoy Candy Floss.

It presents a great option for your stores because people’s memories are always sparked by seeing candy floss on the shelves, and helps you stand out.

At UK Sweets, we have tubs of candy floss available for you to buy in bulk from a host of great suppliers. We have cups of strawberry candy floss from the likes of Kingsway and Crazy Candy Factory, as well as dedicated Paw Patrol and Trolls candy floss that kids will love.

There is also Vimto Trilogy candy floss available, as well as Sweetzone candy floss tubs.

There are also a number of great popcorn purchases that can be made from UK Sweets. We have 1L tubs of Sweet Popcorn available, as well as bags of Big Night In popcorn that are the ideal snack when cuddling up in front of a good film.

We also have Birthday Cake Popcorn and Cinema Sweet wholesale popcorn available to buy, so don’t miss out and stock up now.

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