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In celebration of Chocolate Boxes

By UK Sweets 9 months ago 473 Views

In our latest UK Sweets blog, we take a look at why chocolate boxes are so appealing. We also look at what situations they are suited for, and what options you can consider adding to your store to help bring smiles to your customers’ faces.

Wholesale Sweets perfect for weddings

By UK Sweets 1 years ago 1133 Views No comments

If you’ve been to a wedding recently, you might have seen the latest craze of the wedding world – pick and mix sweets for all the guests.

These are undoubtedly a great addition to any special day, adding a splash of colour to the décor, a great talking point, and of course delicious sweet treats for everybody to enjoy.

Find the perfect Father’s Day Sweets

By UK Sweets 1 years ago 303 Views No comments

Father’s Day this year is on Sunday 16 June, so now is the time to order in the perfect selection of delicious confectionery to cater for those dads out there with a sweet tooth.

At UK Sweets, as a leading wholesale confectionery seller, we have the kind of range that allows your business to put together a great range of items customers are sure to love.

Jelly & Chewy Sweets you can’t go wrong with

By UK Sweets 1 years ago 325 Views No comments

We’re all a little different when it comes to what we like to eat. It’s always a great conversation starter – and things can get particularly interesting when discussing our favourite sweets.

At UK Sweets, we have a really broad selection of sweets to pick from, so this is a topic we’ve discussed ourselves many times.

Top 5 Valentine's Day Sweets and Chocolates

By UK Sweets 2 years ago 403 Views

The seasonal holidays of 2019 are always an exciting time for consumers and retailers alike, with delicious new treats, twist on old favourites, and classic staples of confectionery set to be as popular as ever.

Take a look at our 10 Favourite Fudges

By UK Sweets 2 years ago 419 Views

At UK Sweets, our range of delicious fudge is so incredible that we often find ourselves thinking about which we love the most! As such, we’ve compiled this list of our top 10 picks to help inspire you when it comes to selecting which confectionery you add to your store’s inventory.

The History Behind Fudges & Ices

By UK Sweets 3 years ago 592 Views

The creamy seaside novelty has been in the lives of thousands of Brits since 1880, whilst the sweet, coconut delight has been concocted in many British kitchens, making them both nostalgic treats.

Why Boiled Sweets Continue To Be So Popular Over The Decades...

By UK Sweets 3 years ago 496 Views

The classic and timeless boiled sweet remains to be a popular treat with both older and younger generations across the UK. This isn’t only down to their nostalgic properties, bringing back warm memories of times gone by, but because of their array of delectable flavours and variations.