Belgian Pralines

Belgian Pralines

Go on! Treat your lucky customers to delicious Belgian Pralines bought at wholesale prices from us!

Belgian Pralines. Try one, and you'll have to stop yourself from devouring the whole box Belgian Chocolates are globally famous for their wonderful texture and taste. But being a hugely popular product that's renowned worldwide doesn't mean that Belgian Pralines (cases of chocolate with a soft or nutty centre) are extravagantly priced. UK Sweets has in stock a range of Belgian Pralines at truly affordable prices offering seriously attractive margins for our retailers. Independent confectionery shops, gift shops, kiosks, news agents, and department stores with an incorporated chocolate outlet, can buy Belgian Pralines from us and stock their shelves, delighting your customers.

Pretty Pralines can be sold in attractively styled gift boxes, and can include all these different types of filling:

  • Nuts
  • Coffee
  • Marzipan
  • Fruit (soft strawberry, lemon, lime, pear...)
  • Caramel

As well as:

  • Salted Caramel
  • Spirits
  • Cream liqueurs
  • And more!

The trick to making them is to strike a perfect balance between the taste and texture of the outer chocolate shell and the mouth-watering centre. It's a blend that only the Belgian master chocolate late-makers seem to get right!

We've made Belgian specialities easy to source and stock up on in the UK

Chocolate is one of world's biggest and most lucrative industries. If you can master chocolate making, you could stand to make a fortune, but only if your goods are marketed well too. Are the Belgians the world's best chocolate makers. Hmm... It's hard to say, but they're surely up there amongst the best in the business. That's why there's always such sensational demand for all sorts of Belgian chocolates, cakes, biscuits and other types of sweet treats. Meet that demand from UK chocolate devotees local to you, by stocking up on Belgian Pralines, and other confectionery delights. Let UK Sweets help you to stock up, and maximise your margins with our competitively priced Belgian Pralines range.

Belgian Pralines in bulk. How to get YOURS...

Some of the planet's most celebrated chocolatiers may be located in Belgium, but that doesn't mean your customers have to fly or catch the ferry to there to get their eager hands on chocolate offerings made the Belgique way! Create a Trade Account with us today and then place an order for Belgian Pralines that are high quality but not highly priced. Your shop visitors will LOVE you for it.

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