How to open a Sweet Shop

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A simple guide for how to open a sweet shop business in The UK.


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This page offers unique points for new businesses and a sample profit guide (below).

UK Sweets specialises in helping new businesses open sweet shops. Over the years we have aided hundreds of people in their search to start selling confectionery. This site has been set up due to the high demand of information requested.


1. Before doing anything else - CALL US. Collectively we have over 25 years experience in the confectionery industry. Many people commit to costly 'business opportunities' before finding out about our products. We like to hear from new customers and enjoy talking you through every step. Please note there is no obligation to buy anything by phoning us. Many of our customers use us as an information service.

2. How much will it cost? – Decide on your budget. This should include rental for the first year, rates, bills, shop fitting, stock and equipment. Secure yourself financially for the first year to stop any worries about unforeseen costs

3. Source your shop site – The most important decision of your set-up process. If you have chosen a certain town find out about the footfall numbers from the local Council. There a the following types of site:

Low Traffic - Secondary high street locations normally made up entirely from local residents. This site would suit a small shop with a high number of products giving a wide selection to encourage repeat customers. Significance should be given to customer service and local presence. A cut and serve counter is a must

High Traffic – Primary sites including Town Centres and Shopping Malls. Usually having a high percentage of local shoppers. This site would most suit a medium sized shop filled with products and 'take-away' options such as ready made gift boxes. Cut and serve is most suited to this type of operation

Seasonal and Tourist – High traffic during peak times (Summer and school holidays) Always a good site for a sweet shop! Your shop needs to let people flow through and be served quickly to make the most of peak trading. Plenty of gifts and pick up bags. This will be a 7 day week with long hours but only at busy times of year – don't spend all the money at once as the lean or closed times will be hard!

4. Decide your look – Modern or Traditional? Whatever the look, make quality the priority – the more comfortable the surroundings, the more customers will spend. The well-known adage "people eat with their eyes" doesn't start at the counter but when your potential customer walks up to and into your shop! If you spend time and money on the shopfittings, your customers feel the products you sell will naturally follow suit. A cheap-looking shop will only get away with selling cheap sweets!!!

5. Equipment – Most equipment needed for a sweet shop can be sourced from us: from jars to choppers to boxes ribbon. We supply a starter kit for all sweet shop setups. Please Contact Us for information on these.

6. Stock – We specialise in handmade and small batch products for a very good reason. The rise in popularity of supermarkets and larger stores has enabled confectionery to become less of a treat and more a daily commodity. Walk into any supermarket and you will find a cheap confectionery counter – and there will be no advantage in trying to battle with them! Selling a high quality confectionery range that you will not find in these stores enables you to display a unique product, and therefore charge a premium for it.

7. Opening Day – This is the easiest time to create a 'buzz' about your sweet shop – local media should be willing to publish editorials etc to help. We offer advertising boards to promote your big day which have proven to be very effective.

8. That's It! – The hard work is over but the long hours have just begun… Good luck!



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